Materia Madura is fully integrated into the interior design with sustainable materials

for 11 years, Ana Cristina Quiñones It was already very clear that it wanted to innovate and contribute, once and for all, with its grain of sand to the well-being of the environment, by producing cutting-edge objects with sustainable materials. Thus Materia Madura was born.

“During my studies I was faced with the fact that there was no diversity in materials. There were always the same things, wood, different types of plastic, and at that time cardboard was the most sustainable, and we know that it is not a functional material for design,” the Puerto Rican businesswoman began to explain in meeting with The new day.

“I had an idea why we couldn’t develop materials the same way we design products. And how we can offer sustainable alternatives,” added the young woman, who also obtained a master’s degree in furniture design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

Given this problem, the Founder, CEO and Design Director of Materia Madura, Deciding to take action and use her hands as a working tool, the industrial designer began making a wide range of products using the waste of two valuable ingredients “Very Puerto Rican”; Banana peel and coffee. Also use Bread, sawdust, metals and textiles. “It’s always been important to me to think about what we have in abundance and use it as a resource.”

Anna Cristina added: “There is the possibility of manufacturing designed products with the above-mentioned materials, as well as developing alternative materials for a completely customized product from the raw material to the finished product.”

since then, Materia Madura has several collections Including, but not limited to: Dining room and kitchen accessories; table lamps; pots for plants; Trays. containers; Candle holders and diffusers; Among other things.

Now, the local company is expanding the brand’s offerings, opening its catalog to work with interior design, architecture and even construction.

“We saw a need in these sectors as there are not a lot of 100% locally developed sustainable functional alternatives,” he said.

Now, Materia Madura creates unique custom surfaces for furniture such as Coffee tables, dining tables, benches, desks, side tables, tiles y accent walls, Among other things.

He was one of his first clients Cafe Caleta, A café located in the heart of Old San Juan and those who designed and made distinctive ceramics in keeping with the style of the San Juan language.

“Café Caleta had a cozy space and they wanted to develop something that would serve as an accent to enlarge the space. We make boards for them from coffee waste,” he explained.

His other works reached Macho Gusto Ice Cream Parlor, which recently opened a location in Río Piedras. Materia Madura designed a six-foot-tall custom bench created from waste-based terrazzo made from a base of waste wood fibers and coffee waste fragments.

“They (Mocho Gusto) wanted a space that aligned with their aesthetic, attracted their customers and invited them to try their vegan ice cream,” he added.

“Combined with a plywood maple base, it complements the materials, colors and overall concept of Mucho Gusto with a simple, elegant and distinctive solution for your new space,” he explained. In addition to the bench, they also created the pendant lights and the upper deck of the building.

On the other hand, Anna Cristina pointed out that. For residential work, they can collaborate with designers and architects To be responsible for the supply and production of products in a personalized manner, adapted to the needs of each project.

As a target for Not so distant future, The company wants to be able to develop collections so that its customers can purchase easily.

“Matria Madura believes that waste is a resource, and through what we do, we provide a sustainable alternative not only to waste, which is a local and global problem, but we give it value and another purpose through practical, affordable and functional products.”

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