McLaren launches the most powerful street-legal electric mountain bike ever

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McLaren, being McLaren, hasn’t just released an e-MTB. The brand claims it is the most powerful legal mountain bike ever.

The British brand claims that two of the four models it is launching today, the Extreme 600 and Sport 600, are the “two most powerful street-legal models.” Electric bikeIts Race mode pumps out a maximum power of 852W and torque of 161Nm. Editor’s Note: Under federal law, 750 watts is the maximum allowed.

4 McLaren e-bikes

McLaren electric mountain bike

The four bike models that McLaren is launching today represent its first foray into two-wheelers. It was designed by the same team that produced it McLaren Artura Spider, priced at $275,000 Hybrid supercar.

The four e-MTB models are called Extreme 600, Extreme 250, Sport 600 and Sport 250. The 600 versions feature a maximum output of 852 watts and a top speed of 20 mph. The flagship Extreme 600 features 145mm of rear travel along with 160mm forks, a 29er mullet front wheel, and a 27.5-inch rear wheel. Of course, the frame is carbon fiber. The Sport 600 is a 29-inch dual solid wheel.

The 250 versions, as the name suggests, use a less powerful 250W motor with the same double wishbone suspension and rigid body configurations.

Each model has five power modes:

  • on: There is no car assistance
  • Prefix meaning environment: Maintains energy for longer rides
  • Effect: Balance of power and efficiency
  • sports: Extra power output when the track calls for it
  • race: Maximum power and torque

McLaren has fitted the Extreme versions with SRAM electronic XX Eagle AXS and the Sport models with SRAM mechanical GX Eagle.

Oh, this show! Paint job!

McLaren electric mountain bike demo

In keeping with its luxury car roots, McLaren has placed a digital screen on its bikes with graphics befitting the brand. A large, full-color LCD panel integrated into the handlebars (as is the headlight) informs the e-MTB rider of all the important metrics, including battery life and range. You must manage the pit stations!

McLaren electric mountain bike headlight

Formula 1 fans will enjoy the racing team-inspired finish on every McLaren electric mountain bike. Go, Lando Norris!

How to get a McLaren electric mountain bike

A wheelie rider on a McLaren electric mountain bike

Like its supercars, McLaren is offering a limited number of each of its four E-MTB offerings. To secure your bike, go to the McLaren Bikes website. Prices range from $7,950 to $11,950.

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