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The Board of Directors of Corvicolombiana appointed the economic and administrative expert Paula Duran Fernandez to the position of Vice President and Director of Strategy and Sustainability for the company.

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This new vice president, who was recently approved by the Board of Directors, “will lead the formulation, implementation and deployment of Corfi’s strategic initiatives, ensuring the integration of sustainability and ESG impacts into its activities and identifying and developing new business opportunities that contribute to growth. Sustainable,” the company said in a statement. .

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts are environmental, social and governance risks or opportunities that may affect an entity. (known by the acronym Environmental, Social and Governance).

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Duran Fernandez will also be the company’s alternate legal representative and will begin his new duties as soon as the Financial Supervisory Authority assumes his duties.

It should be noted that at the time of her appointment, Durán Fernández was the Director of Sustainability at Corvicolombiana and Director of the Corvicolombiana Foundation.

Paula Durán Fernández, MBA, is a Director from the University of Los Andes and an Economist from the University of Western Sydney.

These changes, according to the statement, are consistent with the company’s strategic vision and seek to enhance the entity’s ability to face current and future challenges.

Paula Durán Fernández, MBA, is a Director from the University of Los Andes and an Economist from the University of Western Sydney.

His experience extends to more than 20 years in positions in the public and private sectors. In institutions such as the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism. Likewise, he has held positions at Universidad Los Andes, Sussex Partners (in England), City Park, and Plicaciones Semana. Likewise, he has led various consulting activities on business strategy and compliance with international standards.

Durán Fernández was also involved in Colombia’s accession process to the OECD, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Promegas Foundation, the Pajonales Organization, Tesicol, and the Anglo-Colombian School.

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