MGS, the insurance that best covers sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility has become so ubiquitous these days that it almost seems like gasoline cars are going out of style, just like the flip phone in 2023. There are more and more cars Electric and plug-in hybrids On the roads, as expected, they need specific coverage in the insurance world. Not all companies think about this, but some are making strong strides in this area. One of the most updated ones? MGS Insurance

Imagine this situation: You’re about to move out with your new electric car, but you’re wondering if your insurance company will be up to the task. Well, don’t worry, because MGS Seguros has taken the lead on this matter. That’s why they adapted their product MultiAuto Selection which now also covers everything from battery problems to electrical chargers. Everything is under control so you can trade calmly.

Insurance adapts to the new reality of sustainable mobilitycom.pinterest


But wait, it’s not just about cars. What about scooters, electric bikes or even if you get around the old-fashioned way as a pedestrian? There is insurance for that too. MGS Personal Mobility It covers everything from bicycle accidents to those unexpected mishaps when you ride an electric motorcycle, get into an accident as a taxi or hire car with driver (VTC) user, public transport and even as a pedestrian, yes, yes, you read that right! So there is no longer an excuse not to move around the city in an environmentally and safe way.

Insurance is suitable for everyone

Yes, your family members who live with you are also covered by this insurance, from the son who skates to the mother who goes to buy bread on her electric bike. Everyone will be protected by MGS Personal Mobility. There’s nothing better than getting around knowing that you’re backed by insurance that takes into account your mobility choices and also cares about the environment.

Insurance adapts to the new reality of sustainable mobilitycom.pinterest

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So, whether you get around by bike, electric car, or even on foot, every option matters. A cleaner and more sustainable world, But to achieve this, we must also have companies that are not left behind and are committed to building a greener future for all of us.

If you want to learn more, run (or pedal or skate) to their website at and find out how to make your commute safe and planet-friendly. And for added convenience, you have an app that lets you be one click away from all the information.

How does the app help me?

  • Request a tow truck in the event of an accident or breakdown.
  • To report an incident quickly, quickly and easily.
  • Access the list of preferred MGS workshops for auto body, paint and glass work.
  • Schedule driving and maintenance alerts.
  • Locate your vehicle and receive parking meter alerts.
  • Know the locations of the nearest gas stations and their prices.
  • Find out information about the distance traveled, fuel consumed, and trip duration.

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