New date: Projects that can participate in the offshore wind auction on June 21

With a total potential of 109 GW of offshore wind and with exploration and development areas of approximately 50 GW of cumulative potential, the company documents Roadmap for a just energy transition in Colombia (2023)setting the country’s goals, It has an installed offshore wind capacity of 7 GW in 2040 and 13 GW in 2050.

To develop this possibility, given the requests received regarding Competitive process for offshore wind power generation projectsThe National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH), as manager of the first round, amended the schedule of tender documents, to Extending the stakeholder qualification phase until June 21, 2024.

Until this period, those interested in participating in PThe competitive process must provide qualification documents, The director will study it and formulate the necessary requirements to complete the documents necessary to obtain the permit and submit it by the concerned parties.

New schedule


The purpose of this first round is DeMar, through a competitive process, grants temporary occupancy permits (POT) in marine areasIt aims to develop offshore wind energy projects for proposers who adopt existing legal, financial and technical capabilities and who submit the best offers in accordance with the provisions of the above-mentioned joint decision and these documents.

this way, The national government seeks to lay the foundations for the development of the offshore wind energy industry in Colombia, Not only promoting economic prosperity and caring for the environment, but also…Strengthening the defense industrial fabric and enhancing the production chain to enhance the comprehensive development of the communities concerned.

Projects that can participate

Currently, according to data from Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME), 12 offshore wind projects representing 5,134.5 MW have been submitted to the Generation Project Registration Report – see bottom of article -. These are located in the Central Caribbean, more precisely, to the west of Magdalena Department, Atlantico and Bolivar Departments, and the northern part of Sucre.

who are they, Three of them, with a capacity of 1,535 MW, are located in Bolivar and Atlantico, so they can certainly participate in the call. Another three are in Magdalena, for 1,749.9 MW, so depending on their geographical location they may or may not be included in the auction.

Finally, those who will be eliminated from this first round are those who are in it La Guajira: Six projects with a capacity of 1,850 MW

Generation project registration report

Week 06, deadline February 9, 2024

166605/19/2022Trade Wind Offshore Wind FarmAndlevel 1windswindsNavy200BolivarSanta CatherineVentus Alisius SAS offshore wind farm08/12/2025
343504/06/2022Off AstrolabioAndlevel 1windswindsNavy825LaguajiraEurybiaOF ATROLAPIO SCISP02/08/2032
343604/06/2022Change OWFAndlevel 1windswindsNavy825MagdalenaSanta MartaOf Bergantine Sasisp08/06/2032
343704/06/2022OWF GalleonAndlevel 1windswindsNavy825AtlanticBarranquillaOWF Galleon SAS ESP08/06/2032
343804/06/2022OWF JulietAndlevel 1windswindsNavy825MagdalenaSanta MartaOWF Giulietta SAS ESP02/08/2032
344306/14/2022OWF registrationAndlevel 1windswindsNavy510BolivarCartagenaOWF BITÁCORA SAS ESP08/06/2032
344506/16/2022OWF downwindAndlevel 1windswindsNavy825LaguajiraEurybiaOWF Barlovento SAS ESP02/08/2032
354509/14/2022O.F. Barlovento IAndlevel 1windswindsNavy50LaguajiraEurybiaOWF Barlovento SAS ESP12/31/2034
354709/14/2022Of Barlovento IIAndlevel 1windswindsNavy50LaguajiraEuropeOWF Barlovento SAS ESP12/31/2034
354809/14/2022Of Barlovento IIIAndlevel 1windswindsNavy50LaguajiraEurybiaOWF Barlovento SAS ESP12/31/2034
354909/14/2022Of Barlovento IVAndlevel 1windswindsNavy50LaguajiraEuropeOWF Barlovento SAS ESP12/31/2034
365108/24/2023RÍO GRAND DE LA MAGDALENA RIVER WIND PARKAndlevel 1windswindsNavy99,9MagdalenaNew locationGrand Energy SAS01/05/2026

Specific specifications and conditions: Content of offers

To be valid, all offers must contain at least the following:

a) The bidder may submit a bid for each area of ​​the competitive process. Likewise, you can make an offer for each nominated area. Subsequently, There is no limit to the number of offers submitted. Each bidder has each bidder, and in any case, the bids he may submit, whether from polygon A or polygon B, must not relate to the same area.

b) The bidder must indicate: Order of preference to set your offers.

c) The exact description of Location, boundaries and expansion of required public use assets, With its corresponding site map in digital form, with the National Geocentric Reference Frame (MAGNA-SIRGAS) adopted as the official reference for Colombia and the only asset created by the Agustín Codazzi Institute – IGAC created by Resolution 370 of 2021.

Bezel The area of ​​each proposed area must not exceed 270 square kilometers . The proposal must take into account that in order to establish the project, a distance of at least one (1) nautical mile must be maintained with other wind energy projects.

d) Referring to Installed capacity in megawatts, Which must not be less than 200 megawatts.

e) Introducing a The program that specifies commitments to transfer technical capabilitiesKnowledge or experiences, benefits to communities, infrastructure enhancement, existing capacities at different economic levels and workforce existing in the country, relating to the offshore wind industry linked to the production chain, to the national, regional and local industry, including, among others, those of the social group and Commercial for the Defense Sector (GSED) which, through the thematic unit, can be part of the industrial progress and strengthening of the production chain at the national level, during the temporary work permit and concession and which will be auditable in the development and implementation of the project since the award of the maritime concession and during its operation in accordance with Model 7.5.

f) Referring to Megawatt density per square kilometer (MW/KM2), which must not be less than 3 MW/KM2.

g) Referring to Date of Operation – FPO which must be within ten (10) years after the issuance of the Administrative Law A temporary work permit is granted in accordance with the provisions of letter B of Article (38) of Resolution No. 40284 of 2022.

h) Include Detailed schedule of activities and S-Curve permit, Which must contain the minimum specified in Model 7.1 – S-Curve – Activities and Schedule.

i) Offer letter signed by the legal representative or duly authorized representative where Ranking of priority areas to which the offer has been made, and complete Forms 7.2 and 7.3 – Letter of Submission of Offer in the case of individual or group bidders, as applicable, which will indicate that the offer is irrevocable and will be effective after the date of submission of the offer and an additional (1) month after the date of submission of the offer. Formalization in accordance with the provisions of Article 28 of Resolution 40284 of 2022 and its amending Resolution No. 40712 of December 1, 2023 and other resolutions that replace, amend or supplement it.

In addition, you should Accept the regulations stipulated in the documents formally and comprehensively Ensure that the information provided is not fraudulent or speculative.

j) Providing a guarantee of the seriousness of the bid, As set forth in Section 9.3 of these documents.

k) Information necessary to certify the expertise described in Section 9.6.2. Only certificates will be received, subject to the terms contained in these documents, and not copies of contracts. In addition, the following documents must be submitted, which will not be binding if the bidder is the winning bidder: (1) Power declaration for each turbine and the technology it is intended to use (e.g., fixed, floating or other wind structures) ( 2) Estimate the plant factor in terms of annual average.

See full document for specifications: PC_EECA_-_Spanish_with_marcas_Adenda_No.1_uoEl3LV (1)

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