Nordex, the manufacturer of Acciona turbines, begins to recover in 2023 and reduces its losses by 42%.

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex, in which Acciona has a majority stake, cuts its losses by 41.7% in 2023, from –497.8 million euros up to -290 million thanks to increased sales and orders.

Group sales increased by 14% during this period, reaching 6,489 million euros. he Total Operating Result (EBITDA) It reached the operating break-even point at 2 million euros, compared to losses of 244.3 million in 2022.

Las sales It exceeded the top of the expected range, while EBITDA margin (0%) was approximately in the middle of the expected range.

(Acciona has established a joint venture with Nordex to develop green hydrogen projects.)

Las Investments It amounted to EUR 131 million (compared to EUR 205 million in 2022), which is lower than the expected volume of approximately EUR 200 million, due to delays related to projects that extended beyond the reporting date.

In 2023, Nordex installed a total of 1,429 wind turbines in 24 countries (27% more than in 2022) with a total nominal capacity of about 7.3 GW (40% more).


The projects sector witnessed an increase in sales by 13.8% and the services area by 18.3%. At the end of 2023, Nordex had 11,400 35 GW wind turbines in service, most of them under long-term contracts.

the Backlog of orders In the services sector, it rose by 11.4%, and in the projects sector, by 5.8%. In total, this results in an order book of just over €10.5 billion, compared to €9.8 billion the previous year.

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