Now you will move with this renewable fuel

Company of Public transportation Bet on a Combustible and renewable Who is gaining more and more followers. The battle against decarbonization is still ongoing and many sectors have already come together to say goodbye to pollution. And so there is Avant-garde electric models like this.

However, this fuel is not what we are talking about. Right now, entire factories are testing different materials to see which ones are the most efficient and least polluting.

It is no longer worth selling cars at any price. It has been shown that the costs of using polluting vehicles are very high and some citizens (as is the case… Europe) They put pressure on users to choose more sustainable alternatives.

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With this scene around you Capify Try a hydrogen car. It is a Spanish transportation network company contracted through a mobile application available for smartphones. Cars have independent service providers at the wheel.

work in Spain y latin americaIt provides services to companies and individuals. In its endeavor to provide quality service to customers, VTC has integrated into its fleet of Madrid 14 units Toyota Mirai In 2022.

Public transportation has changed: it is now possible to move using this renewable fuel

Some automakers are jumping into the pool and testing out the fast-paced world of hydrogen. the goal? Addressing the issue of decarbonizing your vehicles.

Toyota It has a strong proposal for the fuel cell, considering H as an ideal source for producing electricity and favoring emission-free travel. Model Mirai One of its strengths is its commitment to the element with atomic number 1.

The sedan attracted buyers from all over the world Spain It still represents a small share. The big problem hindering its expansion is that we do not have abundant charging infrastructure in front of our eyes.

For this reason, the use of these vehicles is only intended for drivers who have access to supplies, ensuring mobility.

To promote its technology and progress and show how far it can go, Toyota, Capify y impure Troops joined in the project which includes units from Mirai In the VTC fleet, car rental with driver. It was initially tested with two and then doubled to 14 before the end of 2022.

Public transport in Madrid is no longer the same: this renewable fuel arrives ready for anything

Madrid The city was chosen because it is one of the few areas that has a refueling station bearing the seal impure. These units are offered as a rental service to all private sector clients Capify from the capital.

At the business level, it has been added to the model offering Capify Eco, allowing the user to choose one of its low-emission vehicles, although he will not be able to choose a hydrogen car directly. This section allocates electric or hybrid cars or new models of cars without discrimination. Toyota.

This renewable fuel is changing public transportation

Rates Mirai They are the same as those found in any other car, although the price of availability is on evaluation It is superior to traditional cars. The price of its basic version reaches 65,000 euros.

he Public transportation It has changed with the implementation of this Combustible and renewable. There is no longer any doubt that hydrogen is being established in the automotive industry, and only time will tell its limits.

for now, Spain Ready to accept change and actually thinking about it Construction of a hydrogen gas stationAlthough it won’t be for cars.

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