NV Energy releases plans to retire coal generation plant, install solar plant

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — NV Energy is one step closer to being a greener company.

On Wednesday, the utility company announced it was filing an amendment to retire its final coal generation plant by the end of 2025. It’s called the North Valmy Generation Station and is located in northern Nevada near Battle Mountain. The company said the plant would be converted to a cleaner natural gas-fueled plant.

“The amendment reflects the best path forward to balance the stability and reliability of our energy grid while working toward the goal of reducing carbon emissions,” NV Energy President and CEO Doug Cannon said. “By eliminating coal from the NV Energy system, we are continuing to deliver on the commitment to reduce carbon emissions for Nevada.”

NV Energy said the amendment also includes provisions to purchase, install, and operate a company-owned 400 megawatt solar plant along with a 400 megawatt, four-hour battery storage system. They said that the facility would help offset the loss of other renewable energy projects that are not being developed now.

The company said they’re planning on filing the amendment with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada for consideration at the end of the month.


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