Oracle is revolutionizing Chile with its second data center and promises a sustainable future!

Oracle launches its second data center in Chile

Recently, computer giant Oracle opened its second data center in Chile, specifically in the Valparaiso region. With this achievement, the company becomes the first large-scale cloud provider to have two cloud regions operating in the country.

The company’s goal is to enhance the continuity of its business services to its broad client portfolio. With the opening of Oracle Cloud Valparaíso and its existing data center in Santiago, it significantly increases redundancy and addresses data residency and sovereignty requirements.

As part of its distributed cloud or multi-cloud strategy, the new region ranks 48th in the world and will provide all the capabilities of Oracle Cloud with more than 100 OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) services. In addition, all of the company’s cloud applications, such as Oracle Autonomous Database, MySQL HeatWave Database Service, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and AI infrastructure, can be consumed.

Oracle and sustainability in its data centers

Highlighting its continued focus on sustainability, Oracle has committed to operating with 100% renewable energy in all cloud regions by 2025. The Valparaiso data center is powered by 100% certified renewable energy sources.

These new facilities were built with high resource efficiency, and the data center was designed to operate with technologies that optimize the use of energy and water. Several Oracle Cloud regions are already operating using this technology, including one in Santiago, allowing organizations to run their computing services more sustainably and with a lower carbon footprint.

More availability and better latency for OCI

One of the benefits of having a second data center in the country is access to a wide range of cloud services to modernize applications, innovate in data and analytics, and migrate workloads from data centers to OCI.

Additionally, Oracle Cloud provides greater security to support the value of your customers’ data. Redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities can also be leveraged to improve business continuity. OCI can manage all types of client workloads in all industries, from financial services to telecommunications, retail, mining, transportation and more.

Regarding the opening of the second data center in Chile, General Manager of Oracle in Chile, Joaquín Ma Chichui, noted: “The arrival of the second Oracle Cloud region in Chile is a significant milestone, as it allows our customers to benefit from OCI services while applying best practices in parallel to ensure business continuity and recovery from Disasters. “With the opening of the Oracle Cloud Valparaiso Region, we are strengthening our commitment to technology evolution in Chile by enabling organizations, including those in highly regulated industries that have on-premises data residency requirements, to accelerate their migration to the cloud.”

The arrival of Oracle’s second data center in Chile marks a significant milestone in the country’s technological development. Through its focus on sustainability and the wide range of cloud services it offers, Oracle is revolutionizing the technology landscape and promoting a more sustainable future for Chilean businesses.

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