Our Goal Is To Surpass The Reliability Of Traditional Energy Sources, Delivering A Level Of Service That Underscores The Superiority Of Renewable Energy – Nahidh Ahmed ElShaer, Country Director KSA, Siraj Power

Could you give a general overview of Saudi Arabia’s present solar energy regulatory environment? How does SirajPower work around these rules to provide environmentally friendly solutions?


As part of its ambitious Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has been progressively shaping its energy regulatory environment to address the evolving needs and challenges associated with energy generation and transmission. With increasing global awareness about climate change and sustainability, the Kingdom has broadened its regulatory frameworks to include a wide range of renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics (PV), solar power (SP), wind, waste-to-energy, and others. It has also laid out a clear path for District Cooling and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and has established specific KPIs to measure progress and compliance.

As a market leader in the region, SirajPower navigates this rapidly evolving landscape with an unwavering commitment to our mission – to provide cost-effective, sustainable, and eco-friendly solar solutions. We are constantly in engagement with the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority (WERA) and other stakeholders such as utility providers and certification authorities. Our aim is to ensure that our solar energy solutions not only meet but exceed the current regulatory standards.


We understand that collaboration is vital to fostering the growth of renewable energy in the region. This is why we work closely with our partners to help them integrate green energy practices into their operations, enabling them to meet their CO2 reduction targets. It’s more than just providing solar power solutions; It’s about promoting a culture of sustainability, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s ambitious renewable energy goals, and empowering our partners to impact the environment positively.


What potential markets do you see for solar energy in Saudi Arabia, and how well-positioned is SirajPower to take advantage of them?

The market potential for solar energy in Saudi Arabia is vast and multifaceted. While the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector has been an early adopter, there is growing momentum in the residential and agricultural sectors. In the residential market, homeowners are increasingly aware of the benefits of solar energy, not just for the environment but also for their energy bills. As for the agriculture sector, the use of solar energy for irrigation and other farming operations could be transformative, driving sustainability and efficiency in a critical part of the economy.

SirajPower is exceptionally well-positioned to tap into these opportunities, drawing on our track record as a one-stop-shop solution provider in the UAE market. Our business model, which involves project financing, execution, and operations & maintenance (O&M), has been proven to deliver reliable, high-quality solar energy solutions. We’re able to streamline processes, reduce costs, and ensure the seamless integration of solar systems for our clients.

Our successful venture in Saudi Arabia has been a testament to this model’s effectiveness. We’ve replicated our success in the UAE market by providing holistic project financing solutions, and we continue to excel in Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and O&M roles. Our strong network of EPC and channel partners further enables us to deliver top-notch services with an eye toward adapting and customizing solutions to local needs and conditions.

Saudi Arabia has set high goals for solar energy. What role does SirajPower play in attaining these objectives, and how will this affect the nation’s energy transition?

Saudi Arabia has indeed set ambitious goals for renewable energy as part of its Vision 2030 programme, aiming to produce 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. SirajPower is proud to be a significant contributor to this transformative journey.

Our role is twofold. On one hand, we are actively deploying cost-effective, high quality Solar PV solutions that directly increase the nation’s renewable energy capacity. This is not just about installing solar panels. It involves comprehensive project planning, execution, and management that ensures each solar solution we implement is maximally efficient, reliable, and beneficial for our clients and the broader ecosystem.

On the other hand, our work also serves an essential educational and promotional role. By demonstrating solar energy’s tangible benefits and feasibility through our projects, we help raise awareness about renewable energy and stimulate further interest and investment in the sector.

Through these efforts, SirajPower is playing an instrumental role in accelerating the energy transformation in Saudi Arabia. By helping shift the nation’s energy profile from one predominantly based on fossil fuels to one increasingly powered by renewable sources, we are contributing to a more sustainable and secure energy future for the Kingdom.

How does SirajPower address concerns about the erratic nature of solar electricity and make sure that its Saudi Arabian customers have a steady supply of energy?

SirajPower leverages state-of-the-art digital and smart solutions to o our solar power systems. By harnessing the power of data analytics, machine learning, and IoT, we are able to monitor, manage, and fine-tune our solar installations in real-time. This maximizes energy production during periods of sunlight and minimizes downtime, providing a level of reliability that rivals traditional power sources.

To further ensure a steady supply of energy, we offer a range of Solar PV Solutions. These include On-Grid systems, which can feed excess power back into the grid; Hybrid systems, which use batteries to store surplus solar energy for use during periods of low solar irradiance or the night; and On-Demand solar energy, which involves using advanced storage solutions to make solar power available whenever it is needed.

Furthermore, we are constantly exploring and developing new solutions to enhance the dependability of solar power further. Our goal is not just to match the reliability of traditional energy delivering sources, but to surpass them, a level of service that underscores the superiority of renewable energy.

In essence, solar electricity’s “erratic nature” is no longer a barrier. Instead, it’s a challenge that we at SirajPower have embraced and overcome, transforming it into an opportunity to innovate and provide superior energy solutions. Our customers in Saudi Arabia can be confident in a steady, reliable supply of energy that contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Has Saudi Arabia’s embrace of solar energy shown special promise in any particular fields or sectors? How does SirajPower meet the specific energy requirements of various industries?

Saudi Arabia’s robust adoption of solar energy has demonstrated promising growth in various sectors, catalysed by the recent regulation from the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority (WERA) concerning Renewable Energy (RE) generation for self-consumption. This policy has opened the door for larger scale PV Solar systems, which can be implemented more swiftly compared to smaller ones, making it an attractive proposition for industries with high energy demands.

One sector that stands out is the industrial sector, where energy demand is high and constant. The shift to solar energy allows these businesses to reduce their operational costs and their environmental footprint significantly. Similarly, the commercial sector, especially large-scale facilities such as shopping malls and office buildings, has found solar energy to be a viable and sustainable way to meet their energy needs.

Moreover, we are witnessing a growing interest in the agricultural sector, where solar energy can power everything from irrigation systems to greenhouse operations. The educational sector is also adopting solar power for schools, colleges, and universities, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and providing an educational resource for students.

SirajPower is at the forefront of this transition, delivering customized solar solutions to meet the unique energy requirements of different industries. Our approach is centered on flexibility and long-term commitment. We understand that every business has unique energy needs, which is why we take the time to understand our clients’ operations and tailor our solar solutions accordingly.

We also offer flexible tariff schemes that help mitigate the risk of potential future increases in electricity utility tariffs. This makes financial sense for businesses and allows them to lock in a low, stable energy cost for the long term, providing a high-cost certainty that is highly valuable in today’s unpredictable economic environment.

What part does technology play in Saudi Arabia’s solar energy solutions from SirajPower? Do you use any cutting-edge methods or technology to maximize the production and efficiency of solar energy?

Technology plays an integral role in the solar energy solutions we offer at SirajPower. We recognize the transformative potential of emerging technologies, and we’re committed to harnessing this potential to maximize the production and efficiency of solar energy.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to digital and smart solutions that augment and optimize the performance of our PV Solar Systems. These include advanced sensor technologies for real-time monitoring and performance assessment, predictive algorithms for maintenance and fault detection, and automation tools that streamline and enhance various operational processes.

One of the groundbreaking technologies we leverage is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI algorithms help us to optimize energy production by predicting solar output based on historical data and weather forecasts. This ensures we can adapt to changing conditions and maximize energy generation even under less-than-optimal conditions.

Big data analytics is another powerful tool in our arsenal. By mining and analyzing vast amounts of data from our solar installations, we can identify trends, uncover insights, and make data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency and performance.

Finally, our R&D capabilities, coupled with the rich portfolios of our solutions partners, ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of solar technology. We are constantly exploring, testing, and adopting new technologies that can further enhance the performance and value of our solar energy solutions.

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