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Our solar farms & the Chesapeake: Experts focus on stormwater footprint | Environment

Solar and silent protection

Silt fencing and other measures failed to stabilize bare soil left during the construction phase of a solar project in west-central Virginia that was found out of compliance with state regulations in May 2023.

Rain dripping off solar panels can produce a unique type of runoff — one the scientific community is playing catch-up to quantify as the solar industry rapidly expands its footprint in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Industry analysts predict that the nation’s solar market will triple over the next five years as it takes advantage of federal incentives. And data from the US Department of Energy indicates that the US will need to devote about 5 million acres of land to solar panels to meet renewable energy goals over the next 25 years.

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Remington Solar Power Facility

The Remington Solar Power Facility on 125 acres in Fauquier County, VA, was developed as a public-private partnership between the state and Microsoft.

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