Over 50 years of electrifying a sustainable future

When Ingeteam’s founders launched their venture more than 50 years ago, they were clear about their vision: Working towards the electrification of a sustainable future (“Electrifying a Sustainable Future”), a challenge that has been maintained over the years and which today remains the transverse focus of its activity.

The company proudly states that “the commitment to proprietary technology that marked TEAM’s beginnings in 1972 has made us a global standard in various sectors.” Their goal is to promote themselves as leaders in Renewed generation (Wind energy, photovoltaic energy and hydroelectricity). storageIn the Intelligent transportation network And in Efficient and clean consumption Electrical energy through chargers and inverters for electric vehicles, generators and motors for traction, marine, steel and mining, as well as for green hydrogen production, submersible pumps and water engines.

Ingeteam has designed the INGEREV® range of chargers for electric vehicles. engitem

Likewise, its priority goal is “Continuing to move forward in line with the roadmap we have set for ourselves regarding innovation. For this reason, we allocate a recurring investment of approximately 5% of our total turnover to R&D and innovation, thus ensuring that our test platforms and laboratories have the latest technology. Thanks to this continued investment in R&D, Ingeteam will close 2023 with the best sales in its history.

This large family, numbering about 5,000 people, is present in 21 countries Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, More prepared than ever to address technical challenges and lead the creation of essential technology solutions for the industry.

Thanks to this continued investment in R&D and innovation, Ingeteam will close 2023 with the best sales in its history

One of the strategic characteristics of the company is the conviction of the importance of preserving the values ​​of a family business that it feels are deeply rooted in the culture from which it comes, and at the same time, it is constantly working to discover other markets. Opportunities that contribute to reducing risks resulting from uncertainties.

But in the first place, Ingeteam is a company committed to society, which understands sustainability through the triple axis of social, environmental and economic. “We are ready to provide creative responses to concrete and complex problems, thus leading the transformation towards a world in which energy production is clean, through the electrification of society,” they say.

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