Preferred Hotels & Resorts is united in Mexico through openings and its sustainable portfolio

In order to support independent hotels joining the US chain’s offering, the executive identified a clear opportunity to establish alliances with sustainable institutions. This approach is implemented through its exclusive Beyond Green portfolio, which includes plastic-free complexes, committed to using raw materials from local producers, supporting local communities, and implementing energy, electricity and water conservation systems.

“Beyond Green will contribute significantly to strengthening our portfolio in Mexico, since there are many boutique hotels in areas such as Chiapas, South Quintana Roo and Todos Santos in Baja California, which have adopted sustainable practices. This brand makes it easier for us,” says Antonio Vera, Hotel Director. and Favorite Resorts in Mexico and Central America, another of the group’s global brands: “We have to incorporate these smaller, more environmentally friendly hotels into our portfolio.”

The manager highlights that many of the hotels in Mexico that have added to their portfolio have implemented improvements to reduce energy consumption as part of their financial savings strategies. To support them on their path towards sustainability, the company provides assistance with various processes, including changing plastic materials for biodegradable alternatives, ensuring they meet the standards set by the brand.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts arrived in Mexico in 1999 and currently has about 60 hotels added to its offering in the country, with a presence in almost all beach destinations.

Among the company’s next additions in Mexico, the Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos (Legend Collection) hotel stands out, scheduled to open in January, the manager revealed.

The company also seeks to strengthen its offerings in the urban sector by establishing companies in the north of the Republic, such as Sinaloa and Chihuahua. “We are carefully evaluating independent properties that can be added to our offering,” Vera said. expansion.

Experience: the key to winning in the luxury car segment

The pandemic has left a huge mark on travellers, shifting their preferences, especially those looking for luxury experiences that go beyond the standardization common in hotel chain offerings. The new trend indicates that tourists are looking for resorts with distinctive architectural features and distinct experiences from the rest of the market.

These changes in the consumption habits of luxury travelers have led hotels to undertake restructuring to incorporate unique experiences, in which travelers are willing to invest. According to the director, “Luxury travelers look for features such as restaurants and hotels that have their own personality, far from uniformity.”

Meanwhile, resorts are adapting their offerings to include activities such as cooking classes, wine tastings and all-inclusive options, which are in high demand in destinations like Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Vera confirmed that these amendments focus on providing greater value for the client’s investments.

Group travel is also a strong channel for preferred hotels and resorts. These flights bolster the destination offering in the Mexican Caribbean, which, although facing competition from international destinations such as Punta Cana, remains attractive to international travellers, especially Americans.

“In the group market, we are witnessing a recovery that exceeds the numbers of 2019,” Vera said.

Vera noted that despite the recovery of international destinations and stability in the Mexican Caribbean, its loyalty program is key to maintaining the standing of all resorts in Mexico among American visitors.

Among the 4.5 million members that make up the Preferred Hotels & Resorts loyalty program, Mexico stands out as one of the favorite points redemption destinations, and is especially prominent among U.S. members, who make up 72% of total affiliates. This preference gives Mexico a significant advantage in its brand loyalty strategy.

“We are already in a growth phase with high occupancy for the first quarter of 2023, led by Los Cabos, followed by Cancun and Riviera Maya,” the director concluded.

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