Productive development with sustainability

In order to provide a social and environmental sustainability framework for the development of a low-emission hydrogen economy in Argentina, the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs (SAE) has strengthened Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The voluntary process launched allows for early identification of risks and opportunities associated with the production of this new energy carrier.

Los Preliminary results of EAE It was presented by the SAE authorities during a meeting with members of the Inter-Sectoral Hydrogen Table in the south room of the Casa Rosada house. The report highlights that regional conditions complement Argentina’s existing industrial, scientific and technological capabilities.

The results of the diagnostic phase show that Argentina has a large area of ​​land with high and very high potential for sustainable development of green (403 thousand km2) and blue (604 thousand km2) hydrogen, taking into account economic criteria at the same time. And environmental. This result demonstrates that it is quite possible for activity development to be consistent with social and environmental objectives and that regional activity planning is essential to protect citizens’ rights and maximize economic development prospects..

For its part, the results of participatory workshops carried out throughout the second half of 2023 in Ushuaia, Comodoro Rivadavia, Bariloche and Bahía Blanca show that global decarbonisation is an important factor for actors located in regions with greater prospects for energy production. Low emission hydrogen. One of the elements highlighted during the various meetings is the consensus that the development of new energy carriers must be accompanied by good employment generation and value addition in the regions from which the resources are sourced..

The initial results of the EAE provide tools to strengthen regional planning of activity, addressing the productive, scientific, technological, social and environmental objectives set out in the National Strategy for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy (ENH).

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