Renewable energy experts agree on the importance of regulatory and permitting frameworks.

During the “Energyear Spain 2024” conference, which continues until Wednesday in Madrid

Madrid, April 9. (European Press) –

Experts from the renewable energy sector agreed on Tuesday on the importance of the regulatory framework, processing and obtaining permits for the start-up of renewable energy facilities (“permitting”) for the sector, Energyear said in a statement.

This was revealed within the framework of the “Energyear Spain 2024” conference, a meeting in which experts, industry leaders and innovators came together, under the slogan “Shaping the future of renewable energies”, to explore and give shape to the future of renewable energies. Aesthetic view.

President of Shell Spain, Oscar Fernandez; CEO of ENGIE Spain, Loreto Ordonez; Director General of EDPR Spain, Rocío Secre; General Manager of Axpo Iberia, Ignacio Sonera; Repsol Spain Director, Lula Rodríguez Trejo, and Power Electronics CEO, David Salvo, participated in the roundtable “Agenda 2030: Vertical Integration Strategies towards a Zero-Carbon World”.

Shell’s president explained that the regulatory framework and permits are “fundamental and of great importance,” because “investment needs a space that guarantees stability and removes doubts.”

He pointed out that “the public policies that are put in place have a very clear impact not only on the sector, but on the entire economy. Investment is scary and has great alternatives at the international level.”

In his opinion, “Spain has everything it can to lead” the sector, but “the world is full of examples of countries that did not benefit from their competitive advantage and others that were able, without fear of this, to reach leadership positions.”

In the same sense, the Director General of EDPR Spain noted that “the granting of permits has become increasingly complex and generates a ‘coffee for all’ situation that prevents many strong projects from entering into operation, while other less prepared projects are left in disarray.” A kind of torment.”

Also in this area, the CEO of Engie Spain highlighted Spain’s need for a stable and adequate regulatory framework that guarantees the visibility and return that investment in renewable energy sources requires.

On the other hand, the CEO of Power Electronics noted that “the main threat to renewables is excess supply and demand imbalance,” which means that prices “will remain at zero for much longer than investors expected.” “If this continues to worsen, divestment will slow down and renewables will not achieve what the European Commission or the Government of Spain had planned,” he warned.

To solve this problem, she proposed two solutions: more interconnection with the rest of Europe, where there is greater demand, and “regulation once and for all and the introduction of compulsory storage at almost every solar power plant.” He added: “There cannot be moments in which there is no force and others in which there is force.”

Challenges of solar energy, under discussion

Throughout the rest of the first day, different experts discussed the sector and the challenges of solar energy, which is one of the most important sectors in Spain in the field of renewable energy.

During the various presentations and roundtables, the main innovations in the field of solar technology, promising solutions, problems and opportunities related to the operations and movements of solar projects and the importance of comprehensive cooperation to achieve optimal profitability of this type of facilities were discussed. .

Throughout the day on Wednesday, speakers will address issues related to solar generation and energy storage. Participants will discuss issues such as promising technologies, legal framework, market perspectives or how to design and build this type of facility to obtain full efficiency.

A day on hydrogen

In addition, the second edition of “H2 Energyear Spain 2024” will be held on Thursday, a hydrogen conference that will be attended by sector experts such as Enagas Renovable CEO, Anton Martinez; MIBGAS Managing Director, Raul Santamaria; CEO of Acciona Plug, Alain Riba, or Director of h2 Verde in Iberdrola, Iban Molina.

According to Energyear, during this day, the future and challenges of “one of the most promising fuels in combating climate change and decarbonizing the economy” will be explored in several keynote talks, roundtables and networking sessions.

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