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Usina Caeté has excelled in the field of energy production
adviceUsina Caeté has excelled in the field of energy production

In an energy scenario characterized by the search for innovation and sustainability, the state of Alagoas is positioning itself as a champion in the transition to renewable energy sources, and Oceana Caite plays an essential role in this context. Since 1989, Caeté has been an energy exporter and a leader in renewable energy production.

The Caeté plant’s difference lies in the efficient conversion of biomass, using waste from processing about 30% of the harvested sugarcane to produce energy. This practice not only enhances renewable energy generation, but also becomes essential for providing food and generating employment and income in the region.

During the 2022/2023 harvest season, Usina Caeté, Matriz, located in São Miguel dos Campos, processed 2,170,000 tons of sugarcane, resulting in a total production of 650,000 tons of bagasse. Through CESMC’s thermal electric power plant, biomass has been able to meet the energy needs of industry and irrigation with a surplus of 80,000 MWh of energy exported.

“We are very pleased to be part of this positive movement in Alagoas. It is essential that we are in tune with sustainability, constantly striving for energy efficiency and using cutting-edge technologies to achieve superior operational results,” said Mauricio Veras, Director of Electrical Maintenance. In Usina Caiti.

Mauricio Veras

Mauricio Veras

“The constant search for efficiency and commitment to sustainability are fundamental pillars of Usina Caeté. Our efforts would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of the entire team. I thank all employees for their valuable contribution and commitment to our sustainable goals. “We are proud to be recognized for the activities developed and our work in building a legacy of excellence and responsibility Social and environmental”, commented the Industrial Director of Usina Caeté, Headquarters, Claudio Teras.

Claudio Tirach

Energy balance

The State Secretariat for Development, Industry, Trade and Services (Sedics) recently released the results of the Alagoas Energy Balance (Beal) for 2023, which revealed that 87% of the energy matrix comes from clean and renewable sources.

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