Renewable Gas Expo 2024 exceeds the space contracted last year

he Renewable gas hall It will be held again at the Valladolid Fair October 1 and 2, 2024This is in parallel with the 17th International Bioenergy Conference, which is dedicated for another year to highlight the latest technological and market developments in this sector.

When there are still 6 months left until the start of the 4th edition of the Renewable Gas Expo, the event you are organizing Ephebium With technical support from IPIC It exceeds the exhibition space contracted for the previous year and promises to be the most important to date.

The main companies promoting the growth of the sector in Spain, and which are also present in other countries around the world, have already secured their place at the largest event dedicated to Biogashe Biomethane and other renewable gases.

BioDynamics, Bioenergy Ibérica, Bondalti Water, Catalana de Biogás, Cycle Ø, Engie, Nortegas Renovables, Prezero and Prodeval are the first sponsors beloved Renewable gas hall.

Great allies in dismantling the economy

Since interest in Renewable gases No one doubts that they are the great allies in the dismantling of the Spanish and European economy, and therefore, Essential for achieving energy independence. In Spain, we have 17 biomethane plants already in operation, but another 97 are underway.

“The salon and conference play a crucial role in this Connecting key players in the sector and facilitating the start of new projects“Essential to achieving greater energy independence.” Javier DiazPresident of Avibium.

One of the challenges to achieving this is Improving the access of biomethane to the gas network. According to a recent report by the European Biogas Association, 75% of biomethane plants in the European Union are already connected to transportation or distribution networks.

a guarantee Injecting new quantities of biomethane Which will soon be available thanks to facilities under development, will require favorable legislative frameworks, application of injection tariffs, standardization of gas quality, and conclusion of cost-sharing agreements between grid operators and biomethane producers for grid connection.

“Biomethane will be crucial for the decarbonisation of industry, transport and the primary sector in Spain, which has one of the largest European potentials and a gas network.” It would allow renewable natural gas to be brought to consumers without the need for new infrastructure. Biomethane is a pure circular economy: renewable energy, waste recovery, and biofertilizers, all in one. Louis Buchadisthe latest new president of Aebig.

Another central challenge to Plant survival is the management of digestionwhich is a by-product with huge potential for valuation, which should be taken into account within the projects business plan.

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