Renewable hybridization is the future?

Spain is one of the leading countries in implementing Hybridization of renewable energy sources. This approach to power generation reduces costs, improves production and ensures a more stable supply. It also represents an innovative and effective strategy to utilize multiple energy sources in the same system. Is it the future?

Hybridization of renewable energy involves Integration between two or more different energy sourcesUsing the same evacuation capacity. By combining renewable resources such as Wind energy, solar energy and hydropower In hybrid installations, with or without storage systems, a more sustainable and efficient energy supply is achieved.

We discussed what hybridization offers, its advantages and challenges in Ondas del Viento carlos migotto, Business developer in electrical portfolios and markets moderation. marta fernandez bordons, Business development Manager energy activation; thomas Cabrero, responsible of IEngineering Southern Europe Iberdrola And with Beloca NunezDirector of Communications at the Wind Business Association.

Listen to the full discussion in the following podcast:

Wind hybridization, is it the future?

Analysis with Carlos Miguto, Business Developer for Equinor Portfolio and Electricity Markets; Marta Fernandez Bordons, Business Development Manager at Acciona Energía and Tomás Cabrero, Head of Southern European Engineering at Iberdrola

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