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Solar Power World unveils 2023 edition of Top Solar Contractors List


With the United States receiving significant federal support of solar storage in the Inflation Reduction Act, excitement for the technologies is growing at a record pace. Solar developers, installers and contractors are capitalizing on the moment by building more substantial projects across the country. Their increased efforts to expand the US market are recognized in the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List released today by Solar Power World.

“Renewable energy accounts for a quarter of US electrical generation, now far exceeding electricity produced by burning coal,” said Kelsey Misbrener, managing editor of Solar Power World. “Solar power is an important member of that renewable makeup, and the companies on the Top Solar Contractors List are all contributing to our country’s shift to cleaner electricity. We are honored to recognize them each year for their necessary work putting green kilowatts on roofs, over parking lots, in desert locations and across water reservoirs. Every project is making a difference.”

The Top Solar Contractors List is the most recognized annual listing of solar contractors in the United States working in the utility, commercial, residential and community solar markets. The 2023 list is a preview of big things to come, with the Top 10 contractors all closing 2022 with over 1 GW each in installations. The No. 1 contractor crossed 2 GW of annual installations for the first time.

The United States reported its strongest first-quarter ever in Q1 2023 for solar panels installed, and industry analysts expect the market to triple in size over the next five years. The industry will stay busy, and companies on the Top Solar Contractors List will be the ones with their boots on the ground — or roof.

Hiring enough skilled labor to meet the country’s accelerated installation goals remains a top concern for this year’s Top Solar Contractors. Nearly 75% of those surveyed said they struggle to find qualified job candidates, with labor cited as the second biggest challenge this year, behind only increasing finance rates and material costs.

Although hiring is a cause of concern, the current employees at Top Solar Contractor companies are being proudly celebrated. The team at Solar Power World read through many glowing nominations for the Top Solar Champions awards and chose four to receive special recognition for their efforts in advocacy, installation, design and community building. See all the 2023 winners, including special company awards, here.

Companies on the Top Solar Contractors List are grouped and listed by specific service (developer, electrical subcontractor, EPC, installation subcontractor, installer, sales partner), market (commercial, community solar, residential, utility) and states by 2022 installed capacity (in kWDC).

Here are some ways to interact with the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List:

Lists of contractors by market:

Lists of contractors by service:

Individual state and territory lists of contractors:

Other interesting facts about the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List:

  • The 2023 Top Solar Contractors class installed solar in every state except North Dakota last year. Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and Guam also had installations by TSC listees.
  • The top 5 states in which TSCs are installed are California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois.
  • Thirty-six (9%) companies featured on the 2023 Top Solar Contractors List started business in 2009, making it the most popular year for starting a company on this year’s list.
  • A survey sent to all listees found that price and availability were the most important considerations when purchasing solar panels, followed by power output and warranty. The country of origin for solar panels was the least important consideration.
  • 73% of TSC survey respondents foresee home energy management or EV-related products becoming part of their companies’ focus.

For more information on the annual Top Solar Contractors List, please read our FAQs.

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