Solstice and the Village of Park Forest Celebrate Tremendous Success as Partners in Community Solar Adoption

CHICAGO, July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Solstice, a leading community solar provider, is thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of its partnership with the Village of Park Forest. Through this collaboration, the village has achieved substantial milestones in community solar enrollment, providing clean renewable energy to its participating residents. Additionally, Solstice has made a donation of over $15,000 to the Village, further supporting sustainability efforts in parkforest.

Since the launch of the campaign, over 150 parkforest Residents have signed up for a solar community, resulting in an impressive total renewable energy capacity of more than 450 kW. This achievement not only had a positive impact on the environment but also yielded tangible benefits for the community. The carbon emissions saved by the village’s collective efforts are equivalent to avoiding the burning of 357 pounds of coal, contributing significantly to combating climate change. Additionally, income-eligible residents will be receiving up to 50% savings on the supply portion of their electric bill, once the system is energized this winter, bringing much-needed financial relief as utility rates continue to rise.

“The program is going well but the hurdles are educating people about the difference between a rooftop and a solar community and that this program is legitimate. Unfortunately, there are programs out there that look and sound good on the roof but end up costing residents more money in the long run.This program is state funded, offering savings without hidden fees while supporting local renewable energy creation,” she said Carrie MalfeoSustainability Coordinator of the Village of Park Forest. “Working with Solstice as the approved vendor for the Illinois Solar for All: Community Solar program helps the Village save its residents money and brings state dollars to parkforest to help us achieve our greenhouse gas reduction goals. It’s a win for us all!”

This outstanding success story stands as a testament to the effectiveness and inclusivity of community solar. Solstice is honored to be able to expand energy access and support the causes that directly benefit residents of the communities it serves. The $15,000 donation made by Solstice will be dedicated to the many sustainability initiatives in parkforestsuch as the expansion of electric vehicle charging stations and creation of a community composting programme, furthering the village’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

We are proud to partner with you Village of Park Forest and demonstrate that clean energy can be easily integrated into households’ energy supply,” she said Prashanth Siddalingaiah, Partnerships Manager at Solstice. “By enrolling in a solar community, residents not only save money but also bring financial benefits to their town while enjoying cleaner air to breathe. Renewable energy is now an accessible and effortless swap that everyone can make.”

Enrollments for the Village of Park Forest’s The community solar program will remain open until the end of July. Residents are encouraged to join this community-centered initiative that offers an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future while harvesting personal and communal rewards.

For more information about community solar and to enroll in the Village of Park Forest’s program, please visit the Solstice website.

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