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  • Gianfranco Pizzuto, CEO of Automobili Estrema, is calling for the use of electric motors in supercars instead of gas-powered engines.

  • These remarks come on the heels of Mate Rimac’s comments on future Rimac supercars, which could be powered by diesel, hydrogen or LPG.

  • Pizzuto is developing a 2,040 hp Fulminea with four electric motors.

Automobili Estrema CEO Gianfranco Pizzuto has spoken out against recent comments made by Rimac founder Mate Rimac. In a LinkedIn post, Pizzuto said electric propulsion systems are the way forward for supercars. This follows recent comments from Mate Rimac, who said Rimac is not an electric car maker and does “whatever is most exciting at the time”, suggesting the Nevera’s successor could run on hydrogen, diesel or even LPG.

This did not suit Pizzuto. “Given the many roles played by Mattei, including handling supercars with the W16 combustion engine, I find the reasons for his switch quite clear. For me, and for us at Automobili Estrema, there is no reason to change the development of the car,” the CEO wrote: Powertrain Full electric Fulminea.

Rimac refrigerator 2023



Horse power

1,877 hp


1740 ft. lbs

maximum speed

258 mph

0-60 mph

1.74 seconds

MSRP base


payment system

All-wheel drive

Curb weight

4,740 lbs

Pizzuto believes electric power is better

Pizzuto seems to suggest that Mate Rimac’s involvement with Bugatti has changed his outlook on electric supercars. Recently, Bugatti confirmed that the Chiron’s successor will be equipped with a new V16 engine that will easily produce more than 1,000 horsepower. Of course, it will have electrical assistance in some form.

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While there’s no denying that electric supercars like the Nevera or Lotus Evija – the latter of which set an impressive lap time on the Nürburgring – are fast, Rimac says customers in this segment are looking for experience, not just high performance. That would ensure a unique V16 engine, but an electric drivetrain? Not much.

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Electric drives lack the emotion of ice

Signore Pizzuto disagrees, pointing out that the electric drivetrain is just one aspect of a supercar. “We have many other cards to play, starting with design, we aim to create a sculpture on wheels that our customers will appreciate even without making any noise.” While there are high-end collectors who will be happy with a super-fast, stunning electric car, many will want the feeling that only a combustion engine can provide. Fortunately, there is room for both electric cars and ICE supercars – at least for now.


The successor to the Bugatti V16 Chiron gets a speedometer of 550 km/h

A Bugatti gift box shared by YouTuber Marques Brownlee reveals that Bugatti’s new supercar will be as complex as the Pagani, but obviously faster.

Pizzuto uses the example of his Fisker Karma, which he had owned for years, noting that he felt upset when the battery ran out and the car was forced to rely on its gasoline engine. “It was like going from a sailboat to a motor boat. There was no harmony,” he added. As a reminder, the stunningly designed Fulminea will be equipped with four 2,040 horsepower electric motors. Despite the 100-kilowatt-hour battery, the hypercar is expected to weigh just 3,307 pounds, which is surprisingly light for an electric supercar. Performance will be strong, but we know many gearheads would opt for half the power if it meant they got a V16.

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