Super-hot rocks could meet global electricity demand

the Drilling wells to enormous depths Turns out it’s the work of those engineering companies aiming for access Hot spots inside the Earth. Their ingenious projects are based on research Green alternativeswhich through Renewable energy, allows us to stop the increasing exploitation of fossil fuels. It is among the solutions that more and more people are betting on Geothermal energy As a viable option.

What is geothermal energy: huge energy potential

he European Geothermal Council Understand geothermal energy as “Energy stored in the form of heat under the Earth’s surface”. The definition refers to heat stored in rocks, soil, and groundwater, regardless of their temperature, depth, or source. The European Organization considers this source of energy “Renewed and clean”With zero carbon emissions.

The research he conducted Companies operating in the energy sector They stress that geothermal energy has the potential to achieve this “Transition from dirty, non-renewable energies to clean, renewable energies”. They also point this out “Its use could grow from its current supply of 0.4% of global energy to 20, 30 or even 50% by 2050.”.

World map of extremely hot rocks

Clean Air Task Force (CATF)an organization that promotes large-scale solutions to combat it Climate changeHe made a map showing the location Very hot rocks To obtain energy and generate electricity. The study in which University of Twente, Netherlands (Netherlands), also indicates where we can use this material and how it can be marketed.

According to researchers, “Very hot rocks have temperatures of 750 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (about 400°C or more). “They can be found all over the planet.”. CATF Superhot Rock Energy Director Tera Rogers figured so “Just 1% of the energy contained in the world’s superheated rocks could generate 63 terawatts of power to meet global electricity demand.”.

A closed circuit that transfers heat from superheated rocks to turbines
A closed circuit that transfers heat from superheated rocks to turbinesClean Air Task Force (official page)

The obstacle to transforming this new type of energy into reality lies in the instability of the wells being drilled, in addition to the lack of tools capable of withstanding the high temperatures associated with exploiting this natural resource.

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