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The National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNmpe) has awarded the 2023 Sustainable Development Award to 13 projects from its associated companies for best environmental and social management practices that contribute to the development and well-being of their neighboring communities.

In this eighteenth edition of the award Sustainable development 53 projects were evaluated by an independent jury who selected the winners in the Social and Environmental Management categories.

SNMPE also awarded three Special Awards for Social Management (Diversity and Inclusion, Multiculturalism, Due Diligence and Dialogue and Expression) and three further Awards for Environmental Management (Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation and Water Management).

Social administration

In social management, the Compañía Minera Antamina SA project called “Co-management model for bridging the gaps: Municipality of the Department of Huarmé and Minera Antamina” won the grand prize. Mining sector. Through this program, which aims to bridge social and economic gaps, through the implementation of health, water and sanitation works and projects, more than 33,000 people have benefited.

Perú LNG SRL has done the same in the field of hydrocarbons, through its initiative “VINCUS: Sustainable Development Based on Collaborative Action”. Through this programme, support and training were provided to alpaca farmers, trout producers, guinea pig breeders, farmers and tourism managers in the city of Vinchos-Ayacucho.

In the electricity sector, there was a tie for first place between Electricidad del Perú – Electroperú with its project “Renewable energies for a health facility in Huancavelica”; and Enel Distribución Perú for its “Education for Progress” programme.

He explained that the project Electropero Providing photovoltaic power generation systems for 13 health centers in Huancavelica with the aim of ensuring the continuity of medical services. Meanwhile, the Enel program in alliance with the Pachacútec Foundation focuses on training electrical technicians in the Ventanilla region.

Special award

the SNMP She stated that the special award for “Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Interaction” was won by the mining company Minsur-Marcobre for the project “Together against gender violence in Marcona”. This program includes training development, job training initiatives and awareness campaigns to empower women and improve their quality of life.

Meanwhile, a Special Due Diligence Award was given to two projects from mining company Anglo American Perú SA titled “Our Commitment to Human Rights” and “Moquegua Grows with Superfoods.” The first project aims to strengthen Anglo American as an organization that not only adheres to, but encourages respect for human rights among its workers, suppliers and managers. the owners In the Moquegua region.

Meanwhile, in the second programme, the mining company is promoting economic diversification through the cultivation of seaweed, spirulina and cucumber nostoc, which provide important nutritional benefits and are in high demand in the markets.

In the special award “Dialogue and Joints”, Mansour Mining Company received an A Honorary For its program “My Eyes: Building Bonds of Trust and Shared Value with Our Neighbors.”

Environmental management

in Environmental managementMinera Yanacocha won in the mining sector, for its “Huella Verde” programme, which aims to encourage reforestation to mitigate the effects of climate change and improve the quality of life of Cajamarca farmers.

Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TGP) took first place in the field of hydrocarbons for its project “Environmental leaders of Matsigenkas: guardians of nature who participate, through a comprehensive bilingual approach, in the environmental management of the community and the company”. This initiative is being implemented in the area of ​​influence of the Camisea gas pipeline areas in Cusco.

Enel Generación Perú won in the electricity sector, for the “Recicla Power” initiative, which seeks to promote a recycling culture in the Barinias region of Talara, in which 2,467 families participate.

The Energy Mining Federation noted that the special “Climate Change” award was won by ENGIE Energia Peru, for the “Punta Lomitas: the first subsidy-free renewable energy center.” It is the largest wind farm in Peru.

The Special Prize “Biodiversity Conservation” was awarded to PetroTal Perú, for its program “Public-Private Alliance to Promote Sustainable Use of Priority Resources in the Pacaya Sameria National Reserve – Controlled Use in Taricaya”. The purpose of the joint work between PetroTal and Sernanp is the conservation of the Taricaya tortoise.

Also, the special award“Water Management” It was won by mining company Hudbay Perú for its project “Recovery and Efficient Use of Water Regulating Ecosystem Service in the Cochabamba Bovidal Region.”

This initiative was implemented for 3 years with the participation of the Chiluruya community, whose members replaced their livestock activities to develop sustainable strawberry crops in greenhouses, achieving a 90% reduction in water consumption.


The projects were evaluated by a qualified jury, composed of figures from the public sector, business sector, journalism and academia, as well as international organizations.

For the topic of social management, the jury consisted of Violeta Bermudez, Executive Director of the USAID Prevention Project; Ana Aguirre, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Andean University of Cusco; Mayra Figueroa, Director of Sustainability and Mining, Ministry of Energy and Mines; Journalist Enrique Chavez, director of Caritas magazine.

Regarding environmental management, the jury was composed of José Bauer, Coordinator of the Biomining and Environment Unit at Cayetano Heredia Private University, and Jorge Vargas Corbacho, Chairman of the Water and Irrigation Committee of the ICA Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism; and Anton Willems, CEO of Profonanby.

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