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The Executive recently took note of Bill No. 842, which proposes to regulate transportation services brokerage management companies primarily dedicated to: Taxi servicesuch as Uber, Didi, Indrive, Cabify, etc. Among the many measures proposed by the text is the creation of a national registry containing important information about drivers in order to ensure users’ rights and safety.

Although this ruling represents a relief for citizens, because it contributes to identifying drivers, there are points that draw attention, such as: Companies will not be liable for crimes committed by people behind the wheel..

Another detail mentioned almost at the end of the bill that is of concern is that The powers of the Lima and Callao Urban Transport Authority (ATU) have been abolished. Organizing taxi service in the capital.

you can see: Government sticks to law allowing bus drivers to evade ATU inspections using taxi apps: These are the loopholes discovered

They support the bill.

In this regard, private transportation brokerage management companies issued a statement supporting the text, which is as follows:The result of nearly three years of discussion in which they participated Public and private sector entities, civil society, Experts

For them, the bill was approved in May in the plenary session of the CongressThe general conditions for the operation of digital platforms that mediate the private transport service for people are determined and appropriately adapted to the specific characteristics of the private transport service for people through mobility platforms, which differ from the public taxi service.

Statement issued by the private transport brokerage management companies

In this vein, they asked the executive branch and Congress to give the green light to the text which, if approved, It can be used by bus drivers to evade inspection by the Urban Transport Authority of Lima and Callao (ATU)..

According to the standards

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