The Best RV Solar Panels In 2023

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While taking an RV on a camping trip or spending some time off-grid, you’ll need something to keep your appliances up and running. With the help of an RV solar panel kit, you can have electricity no matter where you are. Just set them up in direct sunlight and plug them into a portable battery or power system and give it time to charge. Solar panels can be used to operate your lights, refrigerator, water pump or any other appliances depending on the power of the panels. Here are the best RV solar panels available on Amazon.

$158.59 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Compact and powerful design
  • 500Wh of power per day
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • 3.2mm low-iron tempered glass
  • 5 year workmanship warranty

These Renogy Solar Panels have a compact design that provides a lot of power. They are made with 3.2mm low iron tempered glass and have a durable aluminum frame. These panels can deliver up to 400Wh of electricity per day on average depending on how much sunlight is being received. A 5 year workmanship warranty is included with your purchase.

$549.00 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 1.5mm One-piece tempered glass
  • 220w front side
  • 155w front side
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Energy conversion rate up to 23%
  • High efficiency monocrystalline cells

The EF ECOFLOW 220 Watt Bifacial Foldable Solar Panel has 220w on the front side and 155w in the rear. It’s made with a 1.5 mm one-piece tempered glass and high efficiency monocrystalline cells. It has an IP68 waterproof rating. IP ratings are given to electronic devices to test how much resistance they have to water and other elements.

$159.77 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 160w
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Foldable and portable
  • Compatible with many portable power stations
  • 1 year warranty

The DOKIO 160w 18v Portable Solar Panel Kit comes with folding solar panels that are lightweight and weigh only 9 pounds. These panels have 160w of power and are compatible with most portable power stations. They have an IP65 waterproof rating and have added protection to prevent overloading, overcharging and short circuits. A 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty are included with your purchase.

$199.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Includes 2 panels
  • 200w
  • 800Wh output per day
  • High efficiency monocrystalline cells
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • 30A PWM Charge Controller
  • 1 year warranty

The ECO-WORTHY 200w Solar Panel Kit can supply up to 800Wh per day with the proper amount of sunlight. It’s made with highly efficient monocrystalline cells and an aluminum alloy frame that has an IP65 waterproof rating and is rust and corrosion resistant. There is a 1 year warranty and 24/7 tech support included with the purchase of these panels.

$386.00 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 200w
  • Monocrystalline solar cells
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Adjustable kickstand
  • Compatible with most solar generators and portable power sources
  • 18 month warranty

The ALLPOWERS SP035 Portable Solar Panel Kit is made with monocrystalline cells and ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) material which can survive extreme hot and cold temperatures and is corrosion resistant. It has a MC-4 output that delivers 25A and a DC port that carries 10A. These panels come with an 18 month warranty.

How to choose the right solar panels?

When figuring out which solar panels to buy, consider how many appliances you use in your camper and find panels with large enough power output to keep your appliances running. Another thing to consider is how often you will be using your solar panels and if the purchase is worth it to you.

What are the benefits of solar panels?

Solar panels offer many amazing benefits. The most important being one of the cleanest ways to collect renewable energy and the sun will always be there to use its energy during daylight. They are also easy to use. Once they are set up just let them sit and plug in any batteries you need to charge then let the sun do its thing. They also last a very long time if kept in good condition. According to Renogy, “Adding solar panels to any home, RV or van is a smart investment that enhances its value, as most solar panels can last up to 30 years.”

Are there any disadvantages of solar panels?

One downside to solar panels is the cause, sometimes the kit you buy isn’t enough power and you may need to buy more. Another downside is that they will struggle in overcast conditions and aren’t very effective during sundown.

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