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The Cloud – Amazon Sustainability

We’re reducing emissions related to server use and networking equipment by increasing the lifespan of servers.

This includes refining our software to run more efficiently, which lowers stress on hardware and extends its useful life. Since 2020, AWS has delivered software updates that have extended useful server life from three years to five years. In 2022, we extended AWS server life from four years to five years, and networking equipment from five years to six years. To support these efforts, AWS has a robust maintenance and repair program designed to increase component reuse and further reduce carbon emissions and waste across our supply chain.

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To help prevent our equipment from ending up in landfills and avoid associated emissions, we are investing in responsible end of life management systems. We use reverse logistics hubs to evaluate and reuse electronic equipment in our global data center fleet. These hubs help us consolidate, assess, and recirculate functional equipment back into our inventory. When we no longer have use for equipment, we remove all customer data and sell the equipment on the secondary market for reuse or work with a network of experienced vendors to recycle parts.

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