The committee approves the utility’s application to update costs and administrative changes to the Electric Line 51 extension schedule.

BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – The Idaho Public Utilities Commission has approved a request from Avista Utilities that will allow it to update costs and administrative changes to the utility’s Electric Line 51 extension schedule.

This table includes the average cost of electric utilities typically used to extend service. Table 51 identifies basic and exceptional costs that have a fixed and variable component. The variable component is stated on a cost per foot basis. Basic and exceptional costs apply to infrastructure such as transformers and ducts, and are based on recent average costs.

Avista has updated allowances for new residential, industrial and commercial customer services. The updated allocations are based on the embedded cost method that seeks to ensure that investments in facilities for new customers track the embedded costs included in the base rates. Costs exceeding the permissible limit must be paid by the customer and will be recorded as a contribution to construction assistance.

The main driver of the higher costs is increased labor and transformer costs, the utilities said. Avista also said demand is outstripping supply in the utility sector, leading to higher prices.

The Commission reviewed Avista’s request and found it fair, just and reasonable to approve it.

Additional information about the application and the Commission’s approval is available at the following link:

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