“The country’s political sustainability is based on building a new social compact.”

Photography by Nacho Sanchez
Photo: Nacho Sanchez

Interior Minister Guillermo Francos confirmed on Thursday that the country’s political sustainability during the era of President Javier Milley’s government will be based on building a new social pact that emerged from the “popular mandate of November 19,” when the president imposed himself in the electoral runoff.

“The political sustainability (of the country) lies in our ability to build a new social compact and realize that the country grows if there is private effort and companies that work to develop and generate employment opportunities.”Francos said during an interview with Techint Group President, Paolo Rocca, on the occasion of the 22nd ProPymes Symposium held at the Buenos Aires Convention Center.

Francos stressed that Argentina is witnessing “the beginning of a new opportunity” after 40 years of democracy, where “except for a period of time when the light of economic openness seemed to have begun to emerge,” the country lived, in his opinion, a “dark period” because the role of the state “was a lie.”

“We have lived a lie as a country for a long time because the state created obstacles to allow them to find jobs.”The official told businessmen who attended the seminar organized by Technet Group.

In this regard, he noted that the goal of the Miley government is “to bring about a cultural change in Argentina that allows the state to develop its basic role,” which is to ensure “justice, security and education for all Argentines.”

“We have lived a lie as a country for a long time because the state created obstacles to allow them to find jobs.”

Francos admitted that the country would suffer “in the coming months in a difficult situation” as a result of the “strong adjustment” measures announced on Tuesday by Economy Minister Luis Caputo, which seeks to “reduce the deficit to zero.”

In this scenario, he commented to businessmen: “As the president has said many times, your duty is to become rich, because generating wealth is what generates work and the possibility of developing as a society.”

Photo by Camila Godoy
Photo: Camila Godoy

During the election campaign, “we convinced a lot of people, because there has not been a strong electoral result in Argentina, like the one we had on November 19, of a political power built through the rhetoric of a leader that is disruptive, perhaps for many.” “He proposed nothing but freedom as the focus of his campaign. This resulted in the support of 56% of Argentines,” Francos analyzed.

Aside from electoral support, the Minister of Interior considered this “Consensus and agreement are always necessary to enable progress.”.

“A lot of dialogue is needed between Argentines. A lot of confrontation must be overcome. I don’t want to say a rift, because when I say a rift the same thing always seems to come back, but we have faced many times without listening to each other, and I believe that the main weapon of democracy is dialogue.” “.

Francos said he is “convinced that through dialogue, the country’s political sustainability will be achieved” between various actors, because in the end, everyone listens to the voice of the people.

“I’m talking to political leaders and to union leaders: they were all shocked by the election result. They all realize that there is a call for the Argentine people to say enough is enough, let’s change,” he said.

He highlighted the political support that La Libertad Avanza (LLA) obtained on Wednesday in the Senate from the opposition benches, with the exception of the Front for All (FdT), to retain the provisional presidency of the Senate, as well as with the parliamentary and administrative secretaries and the majority of positions in the 46 committees that make up Including the body.

He explained that “there were 39 senators who spontaneously gathered to support the Constitution of the Senate, weaponize its powers, and leave the Kirchner faction as a minority.”

Thus, Bartolomé Abdullah of San Luis was elected provisional President of the Senate by the vote of his fellow members of the bench, but also of the UPR, the PRO Front, the LLA, the Cambio Federal, the Unidad Federal, the Por Santa Cruz, the Social Justice Party, and the Juntos . Somos Rio Negro and the Front for the Renewal of Social Accord in Misiones.

Photo by Camila Godoy
Photo: Camila Godoy

For Francos, this is true “Within two years someone from outside the political system” like Milley will build the popular support needed to get into government expresses “two important messages.”.

“One, in our power, generates a tremendous responsibility and commitment to this support. The other, to the rest of the leadership in all sectors in Argentina, because what the voter says is ‘this is how far we have come, this way it goes no further,’” Francos said. “It seems to me that this is the most important thing in this whole process and what opens the doors to a different path.”

Human Capital Minister Sandra Petofilo also attended the symposium organized by Techint Group, and attended with her team of advisors, but did not speak to the businessmen gathered there.

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