“The demand for solar energy in Alagoas is a trend with no return,” says the businessman.

In the face of the failure of public policies in the countries participating in COP 23 to limit global warming and, above all, due to the growing energy crisis that leaves thousands of people without electricity, solar energy, which is the big bet, produces electricity in a sustainable and clean way. More convenient and can replace combined energy in Brazil and around the world, the demand for this type of energy has increased a lot in Alagoas. The review is from businessman Francisco Mora, founder of JK Solar, a solar energy company in Alagoas. According to him, “We need to look to the future.”

Today, solar panels are an innovative and popular product in the market, due to the surprising savings they bring. This is how JK Energia Solar came into being, born from its creator’s idea of ​​offering an innovative product that was on the rise in the market. “Our focus is always on clarifying all the doubts raised by the customer, especially the feasibility of the installation and even after providing the services provided,” says Francisco.

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy that has already allowed thousands of people to significantly reduce their energy bills, since the creation of Standard Resolution No. 482 of 2012 by Anel. Thanks to the facilities provided in the new normative decision (687/2015), thousands of people have become dependent on photovoltaic systems and benefiting from all its benefits.

For businessmen, solar energy is synonymous with savings. “Why invest in a photovoltaic system? It’s simple, because you can save up to 95% on your electricity bill, says Francisco.

Currently, JK is installing solar energy in homes, providing electricity cost savings, significant return on investment, increased property value, and ease of installing solar energy at home. As for the company’s solar energy, the benefits are even greater, with the ease of installing the equipment and, above all, improving the company’s image.

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