The European Parliament gives the green light to an agreement to reduce emissions from trucks and buses by 90% by 2040 – Caretas

Brussels, April 10 (Europa Press) –

The plenary session of the European Parliament this Wednesday gave the green light to the political agreement reached last January between societal institutions to reduce CO2 emissions from new heavy vehicles, including the goal of reducing emissions from trucks and buses by 90% in 2040. This sector is responsible It accounts for more than 25% of greenhouse gas emissions from road transport in the European Union.

The new rules reinforce the path proposed by the European Commission with average reduction targets of 45% over the period 2030-2034 and 65% for the period 2035-2039, reaching 90% in 2040 (compared to 2019 levels). These targets will apply to heavy trucks weighing more than 7.5 tons and buses.

However, the exemption from the CO2 reduction targets set out in the regulation will apply to small manufacturers and vehicles used in mining, forestry and agriculture; For vehicles used by the armed forces and fire services or those used for civil protection, public order and medical care.

The agreement also expands the scope of application of the regulation to professional vehicles such as garbage trucks or concrete mixers at a later stage (2035), while the Commission will analyze the possibility of including smaller trucks, under 5 tons, in the scope of the application.

Likewise, it introduces a 100% zero-emission target for city buses and sets an average target of 90% for this category in 2030. However, participating legislators have agreed to exclude intercity buses from this target and position this type of vehicle as heavy vehicles. Within the framework of the general goals of trainers.

The effectiveness and impact of the revised regulation on the targets will be reviewed by the Commission in 2027, and in its assessment, Brussels will have to assess the role of the carbon correction factor (CCF) in the transition towards zero-emission mobility. In the heavy vehicles sector.

The new rules, which were passed by 341 votes to 268 with 14 abstentions, only need to receive formal approval from the 27 rules to be adopted as community legislation.

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