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Peru, recognized Textile industry Clothing, faces critical challenges in adopting practices continuous And circular. With 16.5% of companies dedicated to clothing manufacturing (including 47.8% in Lima), the urgent need to bridge gaps and promote the circular economy in this sector has been identified.

Association for Solidarity with Emerging Countries (ASPEM); In cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Peru; the Spanish Association for Sustainability, Innovation and Cycle in Fashion (SIC MODA); The Association for Action for Development (ADEC-ATC) and the National Society of Industries (SNI) are leading the Textiles Innovation Acceleration Project. This project of the AL-INVEST Verde programme, promoted by the European Union, seeks to administer funds to encourage innovative projects that promote sustainability in small textile enterprises in Latin America.



The project Textiles Innovation Accelerator Its main objective is to strengthen the capacities of SMEs in the field of textiles in Metropolitan Lima, especially in the areas of San Juan de Lurigancho, Ate, La Victoria, El Agostino and throughout Lima. The transition towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economy is being pursued, with a particular focus on empowering women-led businesses.

The project actions so far include launch events that brought together key players in the sector. Online masterclasses were held on Alliances for Circular and Sustainable Fashion, Circular Economy, Waste and Textile Footprint; As well as the benefits of using the carbon and water footprint in textile companies.

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In addition to a training course entitled “Business opportunities for circular fashion“In the Great Hall of San Juan de Lurigancho. Event”Sustainable Peruvian textiles towards the world“The program opened”Activation, growth and progress“In collaboration with Textiles Camones and with the support of the European Union in Peru. The event was also heldClothing, sustainability and production chains: a look at the Italian experience“At the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Peru.

The project has agreements with INSPIRA (part of the INTERCORP group), Textil Camones and Textil El Amazonas; Strengthen strategic alliances for effective implementation of planned actions.

This project seeks to raise awareness among thousands of small and medium-sized business owners, as well as consumers. On the feasibility of a sustainable and circular textile industry. It is expected that the experiences and learnings obtained in this project will be replicable to create a long-term sustainable impact on the Peruvian textile industry.

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