The industry is allowed to start manufacturing corn ethanol in MS-Rural Side area

In addition to fuel, Newmile, located in Maracaju, will produce feed, oil and energy

Newmail manufacturing facilities, in Maracaju (MS), in February 2023. (Photo: Archive/Semadesk)
Newmail manufacturing facilities, in Maracaju (MS), in February 2023. (Photo: Archive/Semadesk)

Neomille, a subsidiary of Cerradinho Bioenergia, has received a license from the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) to start corn ethanol production in Maracaju (MS). Technicians from the Federal Authority inspected the company’s new factory and published the license in the Official Gazette, allowing it to begin its full activity.

Focusing on the production of corn ethanol and its co-products such as animal feed, oil and energy, Neomille will begin production after 18 months of operation, within the initial expectations of the project. About 4,500 specialists participated during the construction phase. Upon completion, it is expected to create about 200 direct job opportunities and 600 indirect job opportunities, which will contribute significantly to the regional economy.

production line

In its first phase, the Neomille plant in Mato Grosso do Sul will process 608,000 tons of corn, adding 3.1 million sugarcanes equivalent to CerradinhoBio’s total production capacity, which totals 13.6 million per harvest year. The new plant has the capacity to supply the market with 266 million liters of ethanol, 161,000 tons of animal feed, 10,000 tons of oil, and sell 51 gigawatt-hours of energy.

Cerradinho Bioenergia, the company’s owner, has invested R$1.080 billion in the construction of its new ethanol plant, equipped with the latest technology, embodying another stage in its business diversification and expansion plan.

Renato Preti, CEO of Negócio Milho, in a statement published on the company’s official website, highlighted the cooperation and agility in relations with the Government of Mato Grosso do Sul, since the beginning of the project, in particular the efficiency of the licensing process which allowed the company to complete the construction within the scheduled deadline. To start operations. “Now, we are ready and free to operate at full capacity, and we are eager to reach the full potential of the new Newmail plant,” Preeti adds.

Paolo Motta, CEO of CerradinhoBio, estimates that the company is progressing with its expansion agenda, even in light of the difficult scenario regarding ethanol prices. “We are working to position the company in a prominent position in the bioenergy sector, with a focus on operational excellence, the development of our talents and a vision for the future. It is a source of great pride and a milestone in our history, to start producing more united, now in Mato Grosso do Sul, the state She welcomed us and will be part of our development journey.”

Maize production record

The conclusion of the second 2023 maize harvest in Mato Grosso do Sul showed a production of 14.2 million tonnes, over 2.3 million hectares, with a weighted average yield of 100.6 sacks/ha. Production is a record high in the country.

The weighted averages of productivity by region were: 128.6 cu ft/ha in the northern region, representing 11% of the monitoring area; 100.1 scu/ha in the central region, equivalent to 21% of the total monitoring, and 96.2 scu/ha in the southern region, equivalent to 68% of the total.

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