The La Araucanía wind farm will convert the winds of that region of the southern country into renewable energy

Enel Chile, through its renewable energies development subsidiary Enel Green Power Chile, after successfully passing the tests that guarantee the correct operation of renewable energy generation plants, both in terms of the safety of the system and its operators, as well as production, has obtained an official permit from the National Coordinator of Electricity to begin the commercial operation of a farm New winds in La Cabaña.

The park, located in the Araucanía region, is expected to produce about 330 gigawatts per hour, an energy with which it could supply energy to about 123,000 Chilean homes annually, while avoiding the emission of about 265,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Construction of La Cabaña includes the installation of 22 direct drive wind turbines with 4.8 MW of nominal power each. Modern units for the development of wind farms, which allow a greater capture of the wind profile available in the area where the project is located.

“We celebrate the start of commercial operation of the new wind farm in La Cabaña, which was developed by applying cutting-edge construction techniques to reduce impacts on the environment and development times. Besides, it is our first wind farm that will include a battery system, which will allow us to deliver energy more efficiently to National energy system. Fabrizio BarderiGeneral Manager of the company.

It is important to consider that, in line with the company’s hybridization strategy, this new wind farm is considering the integration of a 34 MW-2-capacity energy storage system (BESS). It is expected that commercial operation of this storage section will begin during this year.

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