The photovoltaic company from Parana participates in a series on the global energy transition

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Reproduction of the solar mission

L8 Energy, a company from Paraná specializing in the manufacture and distribution of photovoltaic systems, was one of the companies chosen to participate in the documentary series “Expedição Solar”, produced by StudioMotion Filmes for streaming platforms. The production traveled to seven different countries to commemorate the development of renewable energy and bring key innovations developed around the world.

In addition to Brazil, recordings were conducted in Germany, China, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and the United States. In each episode, the viewer will learn more about the energy matrix and the solutions adopted in each country. To celebrate the launch of the series, L8 will hold a guest preview session in Curitiba on the 11th.

“We were very happy to participate in this production alongside the world’s main manufacturers and distributors. In addition to our distribution center in Cuatro Parras (PR), we also visited one of our solar power plants in the interior of Minas Gerais, to demonstrate how the power plant works.” Practically solar,” explains Leandro Kuhn, CEO of L8 Group.

The company is one of the main distributors of photovoltaic equipment in Brazil, and in recent years it has invested in developing new technologies. One solution is L8 solar tiles, which can be integrated into the architectural project, enhancing the coverage of the property while generating energy. The CIGS technology used in the tiles allows better use of light, is more resistant and generates the same energy as modern conventional units.

Furthermore, the company opened a technical assistance center for photovoltaic inverters in 2023. It is a laboratory that analyzes and maintains equipment already in use throughout Brazil. With highly qualified professionals, the center serves all brands available in the market and has already been certified as an authorized technical assistance by Growatt and Fronius, and is in the approval stage with Sungrow.

“These investments in new technologies and in meeting the supply chain requirements of the PV sector contributed to our ability to end 2023 with 20% growth, even with the negative fluctuations recorded by the sector in the first half of this year.” Guilherme Nagamine, Director of L8 Energy.

Brazil is one of the world’s largest producers of clean energy, and according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Investment Report, the country has led the way in attracting international investment in the sector over the past seven years. Years. Data from the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) and the Brazilian Solar Photovoltaic Association (ABSOLAR), released in November, indicate that the installed capacity of PV systems reached 34 GW in Brazil, representing 16% of the Brazilian energy matrix. It comes in second place after hydroelectric power, which accounts for 50% of the market.

About L8
L8 Group was established in 2014, and consists of L8 Security, which specializes in information security solutions; L8 Energy, which manufactures and distributes photovoltaic systems; and by L8 GROUP, the group’s operating holding company focused on telecommunications and cybersecurity. With the mission of facilitating and improving the use of diverse technologies, and offering value-added solutions to customers, the group values ​​innovation and high-quality materials, becoming a reference in the Brazilian market.

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