The unprecedented property of hydrogen that they discovered by surprise

he hydrogen It makes us rethink everything we have known so far about him energy. When we became ready to rely on solar and wind electricity, everything changed. In fact, this has contributed to other countries continuing to investigate (for example, this country found a block so large that it is now dumping it into the grid), but hydrogen now has an unprecedented property.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier, perhaps the most powerful of all

Hydrogen positions itself as one of the most promising energy carriers of the future. What does this mean? An energy carrier is a carrier of energyAny means of storing, transporting and distributing it.

This fuel has great potential as an energy carrier for several reasons:

  • It is a widely available gas that can be produced from renewable sources such as water. This allows us to obtain completely green, clean and sustainable hydrogen.
  • It has a very high energy density, allowing large amounts to be stored in a small volume.
  • It can be transported and distributed via pipelines, making it easier to implement.
  • When consumed, it generates only water, so it is completely clean. It does not produce greenhouse gases or pollutants.

Due to these unique advantages, many experts They see it as the energy of the futureWhich can replace fossil fuels and complement renewable energy sources, achieving a 100% sustainable system.

Its storage capacity is particularly interesting in the context of growing intermittent renewable energy generation. For all these reasons, there is significant political and business commitment to promoting green space development in the coming years.

Hydrogen in Spain, an energy that the government views favorably

Green hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis using 100% renewable sources such as wind or solar energy. In the electrolysis process, water molecules are separated into H2 and O2 using electricity.

If the electricity used in electrolysis comes from renewable sources, so does the entire production process It is neutral in carbon dioxide emissions. This distinguishes green from gray, which is obtained from fossil fuels, which is not sustainable.

The advantage of green is that it allows the surplus to be stored and then used as needed, which solves the intermittency problem that wind and solar energy suffer from. In this way, it is an ideal complement to promoting renewable energy sources and decarbonizing the planet.

Hydrogen situation in Spain: We have the most expensive fuels, and now we are making a plan

In Spain, work is actively underway to develop the potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier. The government has published its roadmap setting concrete targets for 2030, including 4 GW of generation capacity from renewables and Deploying between 150 to 200 hydrogen stations.

More than 50 projects have been identified across the country, both for green production from renewable energy and for mobility and logistics projects that use it. The societies with the greatest activity in this area are Andalusia, Aragon, the Basque Country and Catalonia.

On the other hand, the Canary Islands can host Huge sediments under its watersAlthough it is not clear how to extract it without harming marine ecosystems. However, what we do know is that even salt water can trigger them, as we discussed in another article recently.

When we notice how hydrogen Its popularity is increasing by generation energyIt raises a very important question. How can we leverage it with other innovative resources? Projects that will be implemented in the short to medium term are more impressive (or infuriating, depending on how you look at it). This, in fact, is intended to literally open up the earth to extract an inexhaustible source.

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