The world’s largest solar energy center is in India

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Solar concentrators are devices studied by electrical, mechanical, and energy engineering. Its work aims to collect and focus sunlight in areas of low dimensions, which increases the intensity of solar radiation. Recently, India announced, for its western region, the installation The largest solar concentrator in the world.

Efficiency SG4 Large plate Symbolizing important technological advances, it represents engineering’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Continue reading the Engenharia 360 article to learn more!


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Challenges and solutions in the field of solar energy generation

The world is currently experiencing an energy crisis, mainly due to climate change. Many countries have begun to invest more in recent years in generation systems based on renewable resources. As for solar energy, the challenges highlighted by experts are intermittency, efficiency, and project cost. Among the solutions already offered are more powerful models of storage and solar panels, and new administration proposals to reduce the cost of power generation.

To our knowledge, the engineering project for the world’s largest solar concentrator, the SG4 Big Dish, had its main challenge being to maximize operational efficiency. Thinking about how to ensure maximum capture of solar radiation, the designers proposed using the RaZON+ monitoring system from Kipp & Zonen, which seems to work well even on cloudy days, which affects the energy received. In fact, weather forecasting has become an essential tool for improving your performance.

The largest solar concentrator in the world
Image reproduced from Equiventus

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Construction and operation of the large dish SG4

It is worth noting in this text how solar concentration systems work. Well, they work by using reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or parabolic lenses, to redirect sunlight to a focal point, where the concentrated energy can be converted into electricity. It can be directed to different applications. For example, heating liquids and industrial processes or generating electricity in solar power plants and in solar water and space heating systems.


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Industry experts highlight the complexity of building the SG4 large platter. Technically, the project requires strict engineering principles. To get started, you need to know how to integrate, in this case, different types of subsystems. The world’s largest solar concentrator must require tools or devices that allow for very precise structural assembly. Currently, the designed mold, based on an aluminum frame, will be equipped with sensors that will allow checking the assembly accuracy in real time.

The benefits of the project are for well-being and scientific development

The Indian government plans to use the SG4 Big Dish, the world’s largest solar concentrator, to power a research center and hospital. In this way, science will contribute to the health and well-being of the people inhabiting the area. It is estimated that the system has the potential to provide energy for basic operations, such as activity areas such as sterilization, laundry, kitchen and more. Therefore, it will be very important for the community.

The largest solar concentrator in the world
Image reproduced from Equiventus

The legacy of the world’s largest solar concentrator

The completion of the SG4 Big Dish project, the world’s largest solar concentrator, is a major achievement of global engineering. Its implementation should inspire new proposals for the sustainable development of the energy sector.

Only innovation should benefit local communities and important institutions. The example should serve, for the world, as further proof that it is worth investing in the potential of solar energy, and at the same time in practicing climate policies and more conscious consumption measures, with an eye to a greener and more prosperous environment. The future is for everyone.


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