Theodoros Skylakakis: Our Ocean is an Opportunity, mobilizing $130 billion for the oceans

Madrid, April 10 (Everde).- Greek Minister of Environment and Energy Theodoros SkilakakisHe believes that time is running out with regard to ocean conservation, which is why at the “Our Ocean” conference that his country will host (Athens from April 15 to 17) he highlighted the importance of the forum, which since 2014 has allowed the mobilization of 2,160 commitments to marine conservation worth more than $130. Billion dollar

Among the many important ocean-related issues that need to be addressed, Skylakakis cites “wind, solar and tidal energy, but also transport, conservation and carbon storage,” which “must be put on the table if we are to achieve this.” Our goal “.

He does so in “The Power of the Blue Economy”, an article for the EFE Agency’s blog @cdoverde on the occasion of the Decade of the Oceans conference taking place in Barcelona until Friday the 12th, the “Our Oceans” conference and the meeting of Commonwealth Ocean Ministers (Cyprus, 18-19 April ).

Skylakakis highlights the importance of Our Ocean, an annual forum of leaders from industry, civil society and academia, which since 2014 has mobilized 2,160 marine conservation commitments worth more than US$130 billion, protecting hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. This was highlighted by the Greek Minister of Environment and Energy, Theodoros Skylakakis.

He explains that the Athens meeting will focus attention on the potential of the blue economy to promote sustainable development.

In it, Minister Skylakakis explains that Greece will seize the opportunity to showcase “the rapid progress it has made in developing the offshore wind energy sector, which holds tremendous promise for accelerating our efforts to mitigate climate change, enhance energy security and create thousands of jobs.” Paid here and around the world.

In this sense, the historic achievement achieved by your country in October 2022 stands out when it enabled renewable energy to cover 100% of Greek electricity demand for five consecutive hours.

Although it may seem insignificant, at the time clean energy represented only half of the energy matrix, and offshore wind alone recorded over 70% penetration into the electrical grid, demonstrating its potential.

Completing the transition to a net-zero carbon economy, between now and 2050, is, for Skylakakis, our best chance of avoiding the worst effects of climate change, which today represents the greatest threat to our ocean.

The full article is available to read, download and republish on from Agencia EFE.

The power of the blue economy. by

Theodoros Skylakakis, Greek Minister of Environment and Energy.


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