These are the wheels that sink and produce 12 kilowatt hours per day

An invention arrives that will become rivers Power plants. They are sunken wheels and produce 12 kilowatt hours per day. What was revealed about portable power stations was surprising, but this information is not far behind. The passage of time has proven humanity’s intense need for electricity and the creation of renewable energy sources.

We have used fossil fuels for a long time, and in fact, we still use them. However, this had serious consequences for the environment and for humans themselves.

In this context, alternatives appear daily that show that there are different options for obtaining energy of various types. This time, we’re here to tell you all about an innovative way to get energy that’s causing a lot of buzz. It could be the beginning of a new era and we will be there to see it.

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Rivers are converted into power plants using this tool

The invention that revolutionized everything is DariusA tidal turbine for individuals that converts water streams into free electricity. Company Edenergy It allows homes to have a carbon neutral and economical energy source. The only requirement to benefit from this device is to live near a stream.

This company has specialized in the field of renewable energies for years, which is why it has made many investments in the field of solar energy. Now it has brought a different product to market: a water turbine for rivers.

This time, the entity decided to focus its efforts on water. After several years of research and development, the company launched a water turbine capable of powering a home. The device is simple. It consists of a turbine built into a stainless steel frame, along with interchangeable blades.

In addition, its application is also simple. All you have to do is place it on the riverbed for it to work. Water is responsible for moving turbines and producing energy. They are designed to be effective even in shallow water and low speed.

It consists of two types of turbines Darius, a turbine model chosen for its ease of installation and manufacture. It can cope with a water depth of only 60 cm and a speed of no less than 1 m/s.

Its other great quality is the type of blades it consists of. They are not very expensive to create and are easy to replace and ship in the event of a breakage. Then all that remains is to connect the device to the electrical circuit to obtain free power.

The potential of rivers is impressive: they are now power plants

The river current enables the rotary motion of the turbines that energize the generator. Then energy appears that turns into electricity thanks to the built-in smart converter. This converted energy is transmitted through the batteries by an electrical cable.

We’re talking about batteries that are recharged 24 hours a day, and from there, the inverter converts direct current (24-48 VDC) into alternating current (120 VAC) to power electrical appliances.

In terms of production, it has the capacity to produce 12 kilowatt hours per day. That is, enough electricity to run a small house.

The company advocates that a single river turbine at maximum capacity can generate the same energy as 12 photovoltaic panels. Additionally, a Canadian generator saves 50% annually compared to the maintenance costs that come with a gasoline generator. It works any time of the day.

Another advantage is that its installation is simple, does not require much maintenance and allows network installation. Thanks to this invention, rivers can now become… Power plants Changing everything we know so far about it. decree! The future of Power plants he is here.

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