They created MOVEM, Europe’s largest alliance to accelerate sustainable and connected transformation

Transferring a family photo
Transferring a family photo

New mobility has a strong impact on the mobility sector industry and, therefore, faces significant challenges as all agents involved must adapt. We are facing a new industrial revolution and a profound transformation in the industrial fabric Collaboration between companies is key to taking advantage of new opportunities. For this reason, after two years of work, we announce… Creation of the MOVEM Foundation, the largest alliance in Europe in terms of the number of companies represented, with the aim of accelerating the transition towards sustainable and connected mobility in Catalonia.

MOVEM was created by 9 partners including the main groups of the mobility sector in Catalonia: Automotive Industry Group of Catalonia (CIAC), In-move (Rail Group), Light Mobility Group, Digital Group and Digital Group. The Energy Efficient Cluster of Catalonia (CEEC), the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia (MAV Cluster), as well as other entities such as the Vall de l’Hydrogen Catalunya and the Municipal Association for Mobility and Transport Urban (AMTU), supported by the Government of Catalonia through OPTIMA, the General Office for the Transformation of the Mobility and Automotive Industries and the Ministry of Business and Employment.

During the presentation, Minister Torrent emphasized that the MOVEM Foundation project “is a project with great potential and coincides with the government’s objectives around green and digital re-industrialization”. “We have common goals such as confronting the major challenges of the sector with the maximum guarantee of success, transforming the Catalan industrial fabric, bridging the gaps in the value chain, and developing the technologies that the new sector will provide,” the President of Business and Labor noted. It will require mobility.”

Work collaboratively on industrial projects, which are key to transforming the sector and the entire production ecosystem

The sector sees how the traditional mobility ecosystem is being transformed and expanded with new agents that must come together to work tangentially in the future and add synergies to be competitive on a global level. Hence the importance of creating MOVEM as a unification point to promote effective cooperation between all these new actors in the mobility ecosystem in Catalonia, not only They greatly influence the decisions of public administrations, both at local, national and European level, but for the joint development of new industrial projects and lines of business that represent the transformation of the sector and the entire production ecosystem.

At CIAC, we are 100% involved in the National Electric Mobility Plan and are working to increase the presence of our partners through cooperation with different actors that allow us to develop cross-cutting projects. Hence the importance of creating a movement. In fact, we will make our innovative projects and talent platform available to all Alliance members so that it becomes the essential tool for all working groups and can be used by more than 30,000 members.“, comments Sergio Alcaraz, President of CIAC and MOVEM.

MOVEM’s objectives and procedures are based on three basic axes:

  1. Obtaining synergies as a result of technological cooperation and cooperation between sectors throughout the value chain
  2. Promoting knowledge exchange to implement new innovations and developments
  3. Achieving the goal of climate neutrality, in parallel with increasing business competitiveness and improving people’s well-being

MOVEM’s business lines aim to ensure a Urban mobility, sustainable, efficient, connected and at the service of the end user. Therefore, we must work together to Improving infrastructure: Increasing charging points, unifying payment methods, digitizing services, and adapting the legislative framework. Passing through the strategic axes of the alliance Promoting research and development in the sector through publicly funded projects and training; to encourage Participation between EU groupsShare in Joint projects And maintaining agreements with reference centers.

In addition to Promoting project development by encouraging the transfer of technologies between agents and establishing specialized training lines Which trains employees to use new technologies. All of this will ensure a competitive position within this global panorama.

In fact, “ShOne of MOVEM’s goals is energy innovation to promote the development of renewable energy that allows the decarbonization of mobility. In this sense, hydrogen is proposed as one of the most attractive alternatives that offers greater autonomy and faster recharging times. Therefore, we want to be part of this change through projects around this energy vector that promote this transformation.“, they explain who Hydrogen Valley Catalonia.

Opportunities based on digitalization and new technologies

between the Short term goals From MOVEM Highlights Needs analysis And future trends, in addition to the implementation of an innovative platform, created by CIAC, which allows Joint project development Among coalition members. to Average termMOVEM is fully into development Opportunities based on digitalization and new technologiesAnalyzing new mobility challenges and adapting to trends, ensuring the growth of its members. “Accurately,”Connectivity and digitalization 4.0 are trends in the sector that will characterize the coming years. Data analysis and the Internet of Things are profoundly changing the way we looked at this sector a few years ago. Therefore, MOVEM will help our partners address this grand challenge that will connect cars, people and cities and accelerate the creation of digital solutions that allow us to achieve sustainable, smart and safe mobility.“, they comment from Digital block.

Finally, given the size and position of the founding members at the European level, the alliance was born as an alliance A reference center at the European levelwhich will lead to the development of the business fabric in Catalonia, also with regard to the mobility sector Developing Catalan industry and adapting it to future trends. To make this possible, communication between agents involved in this new mobility is essential. “Our mission is to work to improve mobility and public transportation infrastructure across the country. Being part of MOVEM will help us represent the voice of all Catalan municipalities and the needs of their citizens in the best possible way.“, they explain who AMTU.

New urban mobility, a future trend

New urban mobility and the practice of micromobility, that is, the use of light and innovative vehicles to travel short distances, is one of the future trends. “To make change possible, we must pay attention to the needs of citizens and work together to make it a real opportunity for the sector, especially with regard to light vehicles and two-wheelers that will serve as real champions.” In the new smart car mobility cities“They say who Light mobility kit.

Another sector involved in the new model of sustainable mobility is the railway sector. “Railways are a key ally of sustainable mobility, both domestic and European. The goal is to achieve progressive transfer of passengers and freight from road to train. For this to be possible, we must work with other agents on projects where public funding will be necessary and MOVEM is a key actor. They confirm who In motion.

This new mobility model directly challenges the use of new energy sources that help reduce the environmental footprint. in this meaning, “For change to be possible, we must involve all agents and users, to transform mobility into an innovative, sustainable, accessible and conscious act, going beyond just moving. We firmly believe that MOVEM will help us guide projects and ideas that help reduce CO2 emissions, use Renewable energy, improved energy efficiency, new forms of producing more sustainable consumer products, technological development to have a positive environmental impact, or the use of more recycled and recyclable materials.” They argue who Central and Eastern Europe. One of MOVEM’s business lines specifically is materials sustainability as it has a significant impact on the carbon footprint. “Hence the importance of our partners – representatives of the entire material value chain – being able to work in collaborative projects involving different agents and sectors that allow the development and research of new components that ensure truly sustainable mobility.” Who bears witness? MAV assembly.

By bringing together key players in a collaborative environment, MOVEM aims to accelerate technological progress and innovation and improve the competitiveness of the sector, as well as facilitate knowledge exchange, identify emerging trends and create more effective solutions. MOVEM, which was born with the support of the Government of Catalonia as a member of its Board of Directors, will be essential as the only interlocutor between private companies and public administration and, therefore, will be able to be more effective when it comes to developing policies that help to successfully achieve this new mobility.

MOVEM is a non-profit entity representing approximately 1,500 companies potentially involved in collaborative projects related to mobility.

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