This is the longest shovel in the world, the size of a skyscraper

the Wind force Along with solar energy, it is one of the most profitable sources both environmentally and economically. This is why more and more countries are innovating to make the most of it. Someone has just broken a real world record with a wind turbine blade the size of a skyscraper. Did you imagine that was possible? Everything is aimed at avoiding the bad decision Japan made regarding nuclear power plants.

Will wind energy save us from global warming? The numbers indicate yes

In the search for solutions to global warming, wind energy has emerged as a major force. Last year, the global wind farm It exceeded 900 thousand megawatts of installed capacity, which is the third best year in history.

The numbers reveal the urgent need for clean and affordable energy, as well as the search for energy independence and security in the world. China, the United States, Brazil, Germany and Sweden led the wind revolution in 2023, installing more than 77 gigawatts worldwide.


United States plans Integrating more than 55,000 MW Over the next five years, while Canada will also contribute to the renewable energy push. The innovation of high-capacity smart batteries, such as lithium iron phosphate batteries, paves the way for efficient wind energy storage.

Wind turbine blade as big as a skyscraper: a megalithic project in the 21st century

Sany Renewable Energy has upped the ante on wind energy by introducing the world’s longest onshore turbine blade, A huge structure, 131 meters long Designed for 15 MW turbines. The challenge of creating longer blades has been overcome through innovative manufacturing techniques and technologies.

In this sense, it guarantees the resistance and efficiency needed to operate the next generation of wind turbines. The key behind this feat of art is a thicker airfoil with a sharp trailing edge, resulting in improved airfoil layout and improved efficiency of the wind energy blades.

This extra large fiberglass blade is not only compatible with various wind turbine models, but is also designed to withstand the harsh conditions of arid and desert regions. Can you imagine how everything could change? And as you can see, this innovation has arrived, Again, thanks Emerging.

How does it work and how much power can this huge shovel produce?

The 131-meter-long blade will be integrated with Sany Heavy Energy’s 15 MW onshore wind turbines, marking a milestone in China’s wind energy industry. Design improvements They increased the plant’s efficiency by 20%. The code construction time is reduced, demonstrating the ability to innovate.

The innovation is not limited to size alone, as the use of recycled polyurethane improves the recyclability of the blades at the end of their useful life. In addition, SANY has developed a customized lightning protection system, which is essential to ensure the reliability of the blades in areas prone to thunderstorms.

The shovel that It is part of a 216-metre-long roundabout, sets new standards in the wind industry, even exceeding the recognized dimensions of football fields. Before final deployment, these blades will undergo extensive testing to ensure their strength and performance.

As you can see the Wind force It seems to be promoting itself as the renewable energy that will take us to the sustainable future we all desire. However, there is still an issue they have not been able to solve (and we don’t think they will in the short term). What about self-consumption? To do this, we only have solar energy, with solutions like this that will make you forget about the electricity bill.

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