Three football fields fit between its blades

Chinese wind energy continues to break records alone. Sany Renewable Energy, a turbine manufacturer from Bayanur in Inner Mongolia province, has just leapfrogged its rivals in Mingyang with the world’s largest onshore wind turbine.

Each of its blades, called SY1310A, is 131 meters long, meaning the rotor moves Its diameter is 262 meters, about the length of three football fields, one behind the other. The previous record for onshore winds was 216, while offshore winds have now exceeded 310 metres.

Longer blades have more surface area, allowing them to intercept more wind, even when blowing at low speeds. In short, they produce more energy over their useful life, which is about 30 years.

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Manufacturing such huge wind turbines is not as easy as expanding a production line. Carbon fiber blades They are stronger and lighter From its predecessors, it has an aerodynamic appearance and higher performance, which SANY achieves through high-precision cutting processes.

The 15-megawatt turbine was announced at the 2023 China Wind Energy Conference, but the blades have only just left the factory. Sany says it is its smartest and most resilient wind turbine, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions thanks to lightning protection.

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China remains heavily dependent on coal and gas, but its huge investments in renewable energy sources are beginning to pay off. Renewables closed 2023 with installed capacity of 36% of the country’s production, and is expected to reach 40% by the end of 2024 thanks to wind and solar power.

In addition to maintaining overwhelming dominance in the PV industry, China stands out in the wind energy industry. Also in the international market. Chinese wind turbine manufacturers represent about 60% of global capacity, followed by the Danish company Vestas with 14%, and the Spanish company Siemens Gamesa with 10%.

Image | Sany Renewable Energy

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