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Fishing Oceans.- Madrid.- Published by EFeverde in #GreenOpinionInnovators @cdoverde By @efeverdees The article is from the winner A #Pulitzer and Amy (among other distinctions) Ian Urbina @ian_urbina: Something is starting to smell very bad about the world’s seafood supply. Available to read, download and republish on:

07:30 h – Madrid.- Sustainable Planet.- A new issue of the weekly newsletter “Sustainable Planet” is distributed. Subscriptions at:

Radioactive waste.- Córdoba – Eva Noguero, Director of the Storage Center for Medium, Low and Very Low Activity Radioactive Waste in El Cabril (Córdoba), Eva Noguero, will present operational data for the facility in 2023 and will review various current issues in the storage center. In addition, ENRESA’s Director of Sustainability and Communication, María Pérez, will present details of the program of the 19th International Symposium on Journalism and the Environment (SIPMA).

Brussels.- EU Energy.- The plenary session of the European Parliament will discuss and put to a final vote reform of the EU electricity market and the rules that will govern the market for hydrogen and low-carbon gas.

07:00.- Cáceres.- Waste Disposal Conferences.- Opening ceremony of the CATEX Technical Conferences (Authorized Processing Centers in Extremadura), 2024 organized by the Spanish Automotive Scrap and Recycling Association (AEDRA), in which the General Director of Sustainability, Germán Puebla Ovando, participated . Hotel in Centenario.

07:30.- Madrid.- Energy Transition.- President of the Association of Electric Power Companies (Aelec), Marina Serrano, and Head of the Business Department, José María Nin, present the book “Transition and the Energy Crisis”. Repair of Aelec electricity market headquarters. Cuzco IV Building. (Po de la Castellana, 141, 12th floor).

07:30 – Madrid – CSN Conference.- A presentation by the Committee on Environmental Transition and Demographic Challenge in charge of relations with CSN.

07:30 p.m.- Belmonte (Cuenca). September. Main square.

07:30.- Cáceres.- Water Conferences.- Opening ceremony of the cross-border conferences of the comprehensive water cycle “Digitization, Efficiency and Challenges”, in the presence of the Secretary-General for Sustainable Development, Coordination and Water Planning, Victor del Moral. Agudeza and Provincial Council President Miguel Angel Morales. San Francisco Cultural Complex.

07:30 – Seville – Self-consumption of energy.- The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Government of Andalusia, Jorge Paradilla, participates in the twelfth general meeting of the Self-Consumption Council. Headquarters of the Andalusian Energy Agency. 6 Isaac Newton Street.

08:00.- Santander- The Iberian Wolf.- Representative of the People’s Republic of China, Guillermo Blanco, speaks at a press conference about the Iberian Wolf. Parliament.

08:00.- Barcelona.- Ocean Conference.- The Ocean Decade celebrates its second day in Barcelona, ​​which deals with scientific solutions for a sustainable blue economy and forecasting the evolution of the seas. CCCIB.

08:15 hours – Vigo – Fisheries Report – Presentation “Report on fishing, aquaculture and manufacturing in Spain”. “Challenges to its sustainability” in the presence of, among others, the Secretary-General of Fisheries, María Isabel Artem, and the Presidents of the National and Galician Economic and Social Councils. Museo do Mar Hall, Atlantida Street 160.

08:30.- Zaragoza- Environment of the Cortes.- Appearance of the Director of the Aragon Institute of Environmental Management (INAGA) before the corresponding Cortes Committee to present a report on the lines of action to be developed in the Legislative Assembly of the Aljafería Palace. .

09:00.- Málaga.- Renewable Energy.- President of Familia Torres, Miguel A. Torres, and the Financial and Regulatory Director of the Spanish Photovoltaic Federation (UNEF), Cristina Torres-Quevedo, present certificates of appreciation for the integration of PV in the hotel sector on the Costa del Sol, Hotel Vincci Selección Posada del Patio, Pasillo de Sta, Isabel, 7.

09:00.- El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz).- Sustainability of gastronomy.- Ángel León, known as the “Chef of the Sea”, presents a new version of “Despesques”, an event in which 70 chefs from all over the world will gather in Cádiz. The world has 80 Michelin stars, to talk about gastronomy and sustainability. Aponiente Restaurant.

09:00.- San Sebastian- Mobility Fair.- Introducing the Mobil Mobility Fair, the professional fair for the sustainable mobility industry in Southern Europe. delegation.

09:00.- Santander.- Santander floods.- The Mayor of Santander, Gemma Igual, inspects the end of works to improve rainwater drainage in Corpanera, with the Minister of Development, Roberto Media. Corpanera district, 95.

10:00 AM – Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real). – Natural birds. – Release of 20 samples of gray teal, an activity in which the Regional Delegate for Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Amparo Primar, participates. Interpretation Center in Al Buhaira Complex.

10:00.- Calvia- Turtle Environment.- The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Environment, Joan Simonet, attends the release of thirty Maghreb tortoises at the Galazzo farm. Ka Lamu car park in Pial. Finca Galazzo

10:00 AM- Arrecife (Lanzarote).- Nature of Lanzarote.- President of the Lanzarote Cabildo, Oswaldo Betancourt; Mayor of Tinago, Jesús Machín; and a technician from the public company Gesplan present the management plan for Los Volcanes Natural Park. council.

10:00.- Punta de Galdar (Gran Canaria).- Algae science.- Representatives of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Supreme Council for Scientific Research and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria present an in vitro fertilization project for algae. Regional Scientific and Technological Park in northern Gran Canaria.

10:30 AM – Madrid.- Metteco Castilla León.- Vice President Teresa Ribera will meet on Thursday with the President of Castilla León, Alfonso Fernández Manueco, a meeting that is part of the round of talks that Metteco is holding with the various independent authorities. .

11:00 AM – Santa Cruz de Tenerife.- Nature of Tenerife.- Director of the Museum of Nature and Archaeology of Tenerife, Fatima Hernandez. The book “Apama Blue Ocean” by videographer and underwater photographer Francis Perez, was published to highlight the biodiversity of the marine strip between the points of Teno and Rasca. Museum of Nature and Archeology.

11:00 AM – Madrid. – the weather is hot. – The arrival of an African air mass will leave a ring of “exceptionally high” temperatures, as at the end of June, across Spain.

11:40 AM – Santa Cruz de Tenerife. – Climate crisis. – Minister of Environmental Transition and Energy of the Government of the Canary Islands, Mariano Hernández Zapata, and First Vice-President of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Ana Oramas, inaugurate the mobile campaign on the effects of climate change in the Parliamentary Exhibition Hall of the island.

2.00 pm – Madrid. – Hydrographic Unions. – Joint Committee for Relations with the Court of Accounts. Audit report of the Court of Auditors for contracts processed as emergency and urgent contracts by the Hydrographic Unions of Guadalquivir, Segura and Jucar, as well as the Commonwealth of Taybella Canals during the years 2008-2017.

2:00 PM – Peralta. – Energy community. – Presentation on the Peralta Business and Energy Community. municipality.

3:00 PM – Santiago de Compostela. – Wind protest. Wind energy coordinator Asi Nu holds a rally to demand a fair and sustainable model for alternative energy. Parliament.

16:00.- Lima.- Pollution in Peru.- Relatives of the deceased and other people affected by heavy metals and toxic substances in Peru participate in a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Environmental Evaluation and Control Agency (OEFA) in order to demand medical care, a larger budget and “effective measures” Against companies that pollute their lands. Faustino Sanchez Carreon Street 603 – 607, Jesús María.

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