Two of them are in Bizkaya

the Green Michelin star In 2023, it completed three years of operation awarding a total of 49 committed restaurants Sustainable gastronomy. “Green star Identifies those facilities Who are particularly sensitive to Sustainability. “It is not an official label or certification, but rather the sustainable aspects that inspectors see during their visits.”

This is what National Geographic explained in its latest publication detailing the establishments that received the franchise this year, among which two Bizkaya restaurants appear.

In position number 13 it is Azurmendi Restaurant (Larabezzo)And that’s by Eneko Atxa With three Michelin stars, it is one of the most sustainable hotels, according to the prestigious magazine. “It is their culture, their customs and their way of working that define their cuisine, between tradition and avant-garde, in all its aspects. This is Eneko Atxa cuisine,” they highlight.

So it’s no surprise that there’s another green Michelin-starred restaurant in front of it too Eneko Atxa. It is located around Eneko Atxa I got busy It has everything Dishes are cooked in front of the diner and a “menu that speaks to the land, culture, tradition and roots” is served.

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