UN Climate Change Conference (COP28): Authorities highlight electric mobility as key pillar of sustainable economic growth

Reducing the consumption and production of fossil fuels in a fair, regulated and equitable way in order to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This is what was addressed in relation to electric mobility during COP28, the main goal of which was to increase investments in the coming years so that Latin America gets closer to its goals of reducing Climate change is accelerating.

Countries like Chile today have numerous laws and regulations seeking to achieve the transition towards electric mobility, three of which are the most important: the “Climate Change Framework Law”, which sets the goal of the country being carbon neutral and climate resilient no later than 2050; The “National Electric Mobility Strategy” which aims to sell only zero-emission cars from 2035; and the Energy Storage Act, which seeks to encourage and promote new business models in electric mobility (for example, lowering the cost of driver’s licenses for electric vehicles).

For this reason, the COP is emerging as a linking body between leaders and promoters of clean energy, with different authorities and companies committing to this energy transition. One of the companies challenging the country’s automobile industry is SAIC Motor, the company that owns MG Motor and is among the top five best-selling brands among 100% electric vehicles (EV).

“As promoters of electric mobility in Chile, we seek to lead the transition towards a greener future with our electric vehicles, which also symbolize the promise of a more sustainable country focused on innovation, efficiency and performance,” comments Hector Illanes, Vice President of the company. Sales of SAIC Motor, manufacturer and owner of MG Motor in Chile.

MG’s importance in the field of electric vehicles is reflected not only in sales, but also in its status as a pioneer after the launch of the MG ZS EV in 2019, the first 100% electric SUV in Chile. Currently, with much greater competition, the company continues to innovate and next year is preparing to launch the MG 4, a hatchback that has stood out in Europe in terms of price-quality ratio, equipment and safety, making it a unique car. A model of its kind.

On the other hand, the company, which will be 100 years old in 2024, will seek to bring the first fully electric sports car: the MG Cyberster, which with a power of 400 kilowatts (536 hp), provides enough power to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in three seconds. Just. Not only that, it is also expected that there will be hybrid models offered by the brand for the Chilean market.

A commitment to electric mobility represents a path towards a future where sustainability and economic progress converge for the benefit of current and future generations. The next edition of the Conference of the Parties, scheduled to be held in Azerbaijan next year, is expected to be the beginning of the end for fossil fuels. In addition, the city of Belén in Brazil, located near the mouth of the Amazon River, has been designated as the venue for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP30) scheduled for 2025, which seeks to be a historic event as it will be the year it marks 3 decades. It will be celebrated at this climate summit.

This commitment to cleaner, more efficient forms of transportation will not only strengthen the national economy, but will also strengthen Chile’s position as a responsible actor in the region in the fight against climate change.

About MG and SAIC Motor

Owned by SAIC Motor, the world’s 7th largest automobile manufacturer and the 68th largest company in the Fortune Global 500, MG Motor has been one of the most prestigious and historic brands in the automotive industry since 1924. With over 99 years of history, MG stands out for its heritage And its design, which are reflected in the Drive Evolution philosophy that surrounds each of its models with a free spirit and a unique emotion. Under this premise, MG offers models targeting passionate consumers looking for new challenges, revolutionizing the local market with new models, such as the MG GT, the sedan that won the “Car of the Year 2023” and “Premier of the Year” awards, and the MG Marvel electric SUV. R, winner of the “Best Large SUV” and “Recommended 2023” awards. Since 2021, MG has been the official sponsor of CONMEBOL Sudamericana.

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