Wallbox, JobandTalent, Cabify, Heura, and Mundimoto could all form the next IBEX35.

In today’s increasingly dynamic and competitive economic environment, the definition of business success goes much further. Market value of securities or immediate earnings. Aspects such as sustainability and social impact are gaining increasing importance as predictive factors. In fact, according to the report “The Spanish Tech Ecosystem”, investment in purely technological startups Down by up to 25% since 2021However, those projects related to environmental transformation and sustainability accounted for 65% of total investment in startups.

The next 35

In this context, expansions emerge as key drivers of economic development in our country. For this reason, PATIO Innovation & Startup Campus has identified 35 key expansions in our country through its “The Next 35” report. Referring to Apex 35, Discover which startups represent the future of the Spanish economy, as leaders in innovation, sustainability, viability and drivers of technological progress and job creation, and thus be able to become its next members:

  • square wallFounded in 2015, this innovative Spanish company offers smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. In total, it has raised $250 million in funding and currently employs people.
  • JobandTalentThis platform, which connects professional profiles with major companies, has received 1.5 billion euros in funding since 2009 and already has around 3,200 employees.
  • CapeviIn just 13 years, this technology company has become one of the main players in the mobility sector. Currently, Cabify has more than 3,500 employees and has raised a total of €600 million in funding.
  • Hiura (Foods for Tomorrow). Heüra offers 100% plant-based meat alternatives made from legumes. It hit the market in 2017 and has so far secured €100 million in funding and already employs more than 170 people.
  • in hell Although it is the second youngest company in the ranking, being only 4 years old, MundiMoto has already become the largest used motorcycle store in Europe, with over 170 employees currently and a funding of 36 million euros.
  • amazing Founded in 2013, Salesforce’s enterprise-focused development platform already has 545 employees and has raised around $270 million in funding.
  • AI clarity. This innovative technology platform that analyzes the social and environmental impact of investments and organizations has raised over $80 million in funding since its founding in 2017. It currently has 354 employees.
  • Copy. This company arrived in 2019 to revolutionize the management of social benefits in companies. Since then, the company has raised €55 million in funding rounds and now employs 211 people.
  • My worker. This HR software, based on its objective of automating and optimizing the management of this department, has achieved funding of 300 million euros since its creation in 2016 and employs more than 1,500 employees.
  • Red dots. The key innovation of this tech company is its specialization in detecting and eliminating intellectual property infringements. Founded in 2012, it already employs 331 people and has raised $105 million in funding.

Until now, there has been a lack of formal definition in Spain of what exactly expansion tables are, which is essential so that we can recognize them and give them the status they deserve. Therefore, as an ecosystem born with a call to unite and build, we at PATIO Campus have decided to lead this process and create this framework that allows them to be identified and valued, on the one hand, and truly recognize those companies that will shape the future of our country, going beyond their mere economic value, focusing on their real social and sustainable impact. And on the other hand, and at the same time, also highlighting the reality of this market and the ability to foster an environment in which these companies can grow and thrive.” States Borja Marinas, CEO of PATIO Campus.

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