Where does “The Shark Tank” Kevin O’Leary invest?

he The venture capitalist of ABC’s “Shark Tank” fame, Kevin O’LearyIt was revealed in Post on LinkedIn where Currently focusing its investments according to Kevin Vandenbos on Yahoo Finance: ETFs with Good Dividends and Positive Cash Flow.

O’Leary said in his post: “Two years ago, I sold my ETF to Alpine, the largest ETF player in the United States. its name Usharis This is where the car stops My family’s wealth. OUSA is part of the S&P 500 And specify High quality balance sheets with positive cash flow of around 100 out of 500 names. Then this Awesomewhat is done with Russell 2000 and eliminating underperforming companies: “Those companies that don’t make a lot of money.”

O’Leary’s focus on cash flow is a reminder that, Although investments are high risk, high reward as Shark Tank or volatile assets like Bitcoin They may be interesting,Basic A A strong investment portfolio lies in stable and reliable income. “Forget Shark Tank, forget Bitcoin. Sure, I have a 5% stake in Bitcoin and another 5% in gold, but what’s the most important part of my US portfolio? It’s in OUSA or OUSM,” O’Leary added.

he ETF ALPS O’Shares American Quality Dividend ETF (BATS:OUSA) and ETF ALPS O’Shares American Quality Dividend Small Cap (BATS:OUSM) Designed to provide Investors’ exposure to dividend payments from large- and small-cap companies This show Quality and low volatility. These ETFs aim to provide… Balance between income and growthfocusing on companies that have Strong balance sheets and a track record of earnings growth.

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