Wind turbine blades have become public space furniture

Furniture with wind turbines

Image: Canvus

Clean energy generated from wind is one way to a better future. However, large turbines are used to generate wind power and this material has an environmental impact, as recycling is difficult and the equipment is bulky. To help solve this problem, an American startup has promised to give wind turbines a new purpose using design and promoting the circular economy. Canvus, based in Ohio, reuses large shovels to produce furniture.

Furniture with wind turbines
Images: Canfoss

According to the US Department of Energy, wind turbines have a useful life of 30 years. Recycling technology already exists, as do smaller versions of this equipment, but it is already necessary to find a new use for large shovels that will no longer be used – and which often end up being sent to landfills.

Wind turbines
Parts of wind turbine blades used in furniture manufacturing. Image: Canvus

Through the work of Canvos, this part of the turbine takes on new shapes and becomes furniture for public spaces. In addition to reusing the blades, the company uses other recovered materials, such as aluminum and rubber from tires and shoes, as well as carpets that have reached the end of their useful lives or even rice husks discarded by the agricultural industry. The important thing is to give a better perspective to what can be disposed of, but can still be put to good use!

Furniture with wind turbines
Image: Canvus

Art and logistics

Among the facilities offered by Canvus is the choice of color: the furniture is delivered in neutral colors so that each piece can be decorated according to the location in which it will be installed. Logistics is also a concern for the company: the blades are cut at the wind farm itself, the parts are sent to the factory and then the furniture is delivered to the final site.

Reuse of wind turbines
Image: Canvus

Currently, the furniture is only available in the United States, with many cities incorporating the items into their public spaces. In addition to Avon, Ohio, where Canvos is headquartered, North Chicago, Illinois; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Tehachapi and California have already received furniture made from wind turbine blades. Prices for each product range from $5,900 to $9,800.

Furniture with wind turbines
Furniture options include sets of chairs and dining tables. Image: Canvus

To ensure full reuse of the blades, parts that cannot be used to make furniture or any by-products are crushed for different uses, such as being added to cement as aggregate.

Furniture with wind turbines
The startup has several options for seating and picnic tools. Images: Canfoss

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