Work begins on two new solar power plants in Matalebreras that will employ more than 150 people

Construction work has begun on the first two solar PV plants promoted by Aquila Clean Energy, a developer and operator of renewable energy projects. With a total capacity of 62 MW, these plants located in the municipalities of Matalebreras, Trivago and Fuentestrón will produce renewable energy to supply more than 30,000 homes and avoid the emission of 29,700 tons of carbon dioxide annually. In addition, it will generate more than 150 jobs in the construction phase.

Jorge de Miguel, responsible for development and construction, stated that the company is satisfied with the work and the way in which tasks are handled. He stressed: “We will continue to work in a coordinated manner with the local population, and bet on sustainability in the areas in which we work.” The company has 10 other projects under development in the region, located in the provinces of Valladolid, Zamora and León. Palencia is in the process of developing large-scale projects in Castilla y León that will add more than 700 MW of capacity and generate energy to supply about 350,000 homes. In this way, the company will increase the installed solar capacity by 36% in

region, bringing closer to the Council’s commitment to installing photovoltaic energy, which proposed reaching 3,000 MW this season.

In Spain, the company has developed and built seven projects already in operation with a total capacity of 271 MW and reaching a total of 114,000 homes. In addition, the company is currently developing 52 plants that will have a capacity of more than 3 gigawatts.

In addition, in the development of this new solar power plant, a series of environmental measures have been promoted to protect biodiversity and the plant’s integration with the environment. The company also implemented social actions, creating a social and economic impact in the area and enhancing employment opportunities for local residents. These actions in developing the plant earned it the UNEF Seal of Excellence in Sustainability.

Specifically, local employment was boosted in Matalebreras, the municipality in which this project is located, through a free training course on office automation. Thus, the positive social and economic impact of the company’s activity increased, giving new opportunities to its residents.

In addition, Aquila Clean Energy has signed an agreement with the Matalebreras City Council to install an electric water pump that will provide service by installing a photovoltaic self-consumption system, with the aim of supplying the local population. In this way, a constant supply of water throughout the year will be guaranteed for the residents of Matalebreras.

On an ecological level, the plants contain a trap fence that allows the passage of native animals, as well as a plant screen and nest boxes for birds of prey in suitable locations, both within the parks and in the surrounding areas. Two mounds – clusters of rocks – will also be created in natural stone to promote the European owl.

Meanwhile, specimens of oak and hawthorn, as well as small plots of blackthorn, sage, gorse and wild rose, will be planted to provide food and shelter for native animals in the area surrounding the plant. The good management of projects in the territory and the promotion of social and environmental measures has made the company the company in the renewable energy sector in Spain with the highest number of Seals of Excellence in Sustainability from UNEF, achieving this recognition for seven of its projects. Environmental and social measures implemented.

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