Xcel Energy reminds customers about solar panel information before purchasing

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Xcel Energy is urging Texas customers to get informed on pricing for solar panels before investing in them.

Customers are being reminded to know and understand information about solar rooftop installations before agreeing with companies that sell them.

Director of Customer and Community Relations for Xcel Energy, Brad Baldridge, says it’s important for customers to contact Xcel Energy before finalizing any deal, to understand what they’ll be paying for surplus electricity.

“Customers who generate their own electricity with home solar panels generally want to stay connected to the central poser grid for backup purposes, and some customers are looking to sell back surplus energy.”

Those who wish to connect home solar systems to their local distribution grid for backup or sell surplus energy have these two options:

  • Customers who generate their own power to lower monthly bills will receive no compensation from Xcel Energy for any surplus power flowing back to the grid.
  • Xcel Energy will install a special meter for $20 monthly service fee that tracks the amount of surplus electricity placed back on the grid
    • This allows Xcel to compensate customers for the surplus electricity at an “avoided fuel cost rate”

Customers should also be aware that the system they buy needs to be compatible with Xcel Energy’s grid.

Xcel Energy stated that they do not market rooftop solar systems and are not collaborating with companies marketing solar systems directly to customers.

For more information, call (806) 895-4899.


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