Business at Hawarmi Hospital achieved 95% progress

Hawarmi Hospital (Ankash)

The Hawarmi Hospital project is implemented through tax works by the Antamina mining company. Currently, his physical progress is 95%. Currently, the work is in the process of finishing and preparing, such as purchasing ambulances. F gULY0QnIh08XrvjCPsW8oyQUI-lnRlbPJBQj6WdGVs2cTkWv788GCI1RlJf5rWL4culMx-wbNyNmg5uvRAVVZ&_nc_ohc=BWKumZF1z6MAb66TWCl&_nc_ht=scontent-lim1 - 1.xx&oh=00_AfAgvixEcZbzzs27T13lqDyeIUXSapgEk-G-ffezDBhrGA&oe=661E4BC6

The hospital business in Huarmé, which will be at level II-1, has an investment of about 190 million soles. Transfer to the Regional Health Directorate should begin in November.

In December, the new, modern hospital facilities in Hawarmi are scheduled to be put into use.
The construction of the new Huarme Hospital, designated from Level II to I, is being carried out by the engineering and construction company COSAPI. EGqZ57BLdqLwxWSC5-7cAiat30h8z1SyNq3fSHzPVLI2M3Bv0QDgEVbONSuUAJVfRZ2xKS9LZPukxeHEY6_iU_&_nc_ohc=EMMpEj2H7v0Ab6sTJX3&_nc_ht=scottent-lim1-1 .  xx&oh=00_AfBLbq Hzxh_P8ni7J1akfC7_EOtnpU98ika2YpooopuxuA&oe=661E5696

The health center aims to replace the current medical institution in the city and, based on its modern infrastructure, will facilitate residents’ access to hospital services with high quality standards and in accordance with current regulations. HzrAAj9DsXcCcWgbgKar6Ikk258u5yL5CSTbny7nIvkAv4bacLccfVwExAnhDDBI3vSeooUsknyjfGu0l3a-un&_nc_ohc=CgvuE_BGxn4Ab510CXB&_nc_ht=content-lim1-1 .  xx&oh=00_AfBftsKSrFOk5QYylErSfsD4sa_TlGvourfHIFrJ66DNuQ&oe=661E6EE0

It is important to note that the project contains solar panels as a means of renewable energy and in this way contributes to energy efficiency and the environment.

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